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    NLP for Business Analysts 
    Peter Parkes
    • 9781780172811 Paperback
      UK Price: £29.99 £22.49 EU Price: €39.99 £29.99 ROW (USD) Price: $46.99 $35.24 
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    Business analysis is becoming less about managing tools and processes and more about delivering through people. This is the only book on neuro-linguistic programming written specifically for business analysts. It will equip them to communicate across cultures, resolve conflicts, motivate teams and become better leaders.
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    Information Security Auditor 
    Wendy Goucher
    • 9781780172163 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 EU Price: €26.99 £20.24 ROW (USD) Price: $30.99 $23.24 
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    The role of an information security (or assurance) auditor is vital for identifying security gaps in an organisation's information systems. This practical book gives an excellent introduction to the role, covering areas such as purpose, required skills, responsibilities, interface and career progression as well as tools, standards and frameworks.
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    Service Level Manager 
    John Sansbury
    • 9781780172941 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 EU Price: €26.99 £20.24 ROW (USD) Price: $30.99 $23.24 
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    The role of service level manager is critical in that the agreements negotiated with customers should inform the activities of the service provider. This book aims to help those whose role is to establish, negotiate, manage or update service level agreements and to use these as the basis of continual service improvement.