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    Business Cases That Get Results 
    Carrie Marshall
    • 9781780174556 Paperback
      UK Price: £9.99 £7.49 
    In this book you’ll discover the do’s and don’ts of pitching your ideas through a business case. You'll learn what the essential components of a business case are, including what key questions you should be answering, how to structure your business case, factors to consider when thinking about benefits and risks, and how best to tackle ROI.
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    Data Protection Officer 
    Sofia Edvardsen, Filip Johnssén
    • 9781780174365 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 
    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. This book details the dynamics of the designated Data Protection Officer role including the underlying requirements, skills and activities involved in starting up or developing privacy programmes and in building a culture that supports privacy and security of data.
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    Data Analyst 
    Rune Rasmussen, Obi Umegbolu, Harish Gulati, Clare Stanier, Charles Joseph
    • 9781780174327 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 
    With this book, aspiring data analysts will discover what data analysts do all day, what skills they will need for the role, and what regulations they will be required to adhere to. Practising data analysts can explore useful data analysis tools, methods and techniques, brush up on best practices and look at how they can advance their career.
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    Change Manager 
    Tracey Torble
    • 9781780174648 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 
    Change management is about the control of all changes that have an effect on the IT services and hence, the business of an organisation. This practical book describes the change manager role in depth including purpose, required skills and career progression. It also covers relevant tools, standards and frameworks.
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    Practical Test Design 
    Istvan Forgács, Attila Kovács
    • 9781780174723 Paperback
      UK Price: £29.99 £22.49 
    This book presents the key test design techniques, in line with ISTQB, and explains the why and when of using them, with practical examples and code snippets. How and why the techniques can be combined is covered, as are automated test design methods. Tips and exercises are included throughout the book.
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    Chief Information Security Officer 
    Rob Newby, Adrian Davis
    • 9781780173795 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 
    This practical book details the role of CISO in organisations, including responsibilities, required and desirable skills, relevant industry standards and frameworks, career progression opportunities and case studies. The checklists and pragmatic tips in every chapter will help you get to grips with the role and prepare you for success.
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    Penetration Testing 
    Nick Furneaux, Jims Marchang, Rob Ellis, Jason Charalambous, Moinuddin Zaki, Peter Taylor, Roderick Douglas, Felix Ryan, Ceri Charlton, Gemma Moore, Tylor Robinson, Sharif Gardner
    • 9781780174082 Paperback
      UK Price: £29.99 £22.49 
    This essential BCS guide for business and IT managers, in collaboration with CREST, explains the process of penetration testing and the benefits it brings. The book brings together a wide range of expertise, insight, and tips for setting up a penetration testing programme, maintaining it, and responding to the results of penetration tests.
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    Managing Data Quality 
    Tim King, Julian Schwarzenbach
    • 9781780174594 Paperback
      UK Price: £29.99 £22.49 
    This book explains data quality management in practical terms, focusing on three key areas - the nature of data in enterprises, the purpose and scope of data quality management, and implementing a data quality management system, in line with ISO 8000-61. Examples of good practice in data quality management are also included.
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    Digital Transformation 
    Bob Black
    • 9781780174129 Paperback
      UK Price: £24.99 £18.74 
    This book will help managers to make sense of digital transformation and guides them in moving forward. Key areas of digital organisations and how they operate are covered, including new organisational models, new skills and ways of working, focus on user experience at the heart of planning and the rise of data in decision making.
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    Cyber Security ABCs 
    Jessica Barker, Adrian Davis, Bruce Hallas, Ciarán Mc Mahon
    • 9781780174242 Paperback
      UK Price: £24.99 £18.74 
    Cyber security problems don’t always relate to technological faults. Many can be avoided or mitigated through improved cyber security awareness, behaviour and culture change (ABCs). This book guides organisations looking to create an enhanced security culture through improved understanding and practice of cyber security at an individual level.
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    Front-End Developer 
    Dominic Myers
    • 9781780174761 Paperback
      UK Price: £19.99 £14.99 
    This book covers the role of front-end developer in terms of typical responsibilities, required skills and relevant tools, methods and techniques. Career progression for front-end developers is also discussed.
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    Governance of Data 
    Alison Holt, Benoit Aubert, David Sutton, Frédéric Gelissen, Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Abdelaziz Khadraoui, Brian Donnellan, Alisdair McKenzie, Geoff Clarke, Mihai Bilauca, Pan Rong, Jose Antonio Costa, Ming Li, Rohan Light, Ardi Kolah, Beenish Saeed
    • 9781780173757 Paperback
      UK Price: £39.99 £29.99 
    This book is a guide to developing strategy and policy for data governance, in line with the developing ISO 38505 governance of data standards. It will assist an organisation wanting to become more of a data driven business by explaining how to assess the value, risks and constraints associated with collecting, using and distributing data.
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    Delivering Business Analysis 
    Debra Paul, Christina Lovelock
    • 9781780174686 Paperback
      UK Price: £29.99 £22.49 
    This book takes you through the creation and management of a BA service, from setting strategy to recruiting business analysts, to continuous improvement, through to useful supporting tools and technology. Top tips, case studies and worked examples are included throughout.
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    User Experience Foundations 
    Nick de Voil
    • 9781780173498 Paperback
      UK Price: £24.99 £18.74 
    This book provides a reasoned and authoritative description of what user experience (UX) is, why it works, what tools and techniques are involved, and how it fits in the software development process, in line with the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience and ISO 9241-210.