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Digital Marketer

Eileen Brown (author), Betsy Aoki (author)

UK Price: £19.99 

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ISBN: 9781780174006
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 129 x 198
Number of pages: 176
Publication date: 12 NOV 2018
Publisher: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

In the digital age of today, digital marketing is essential to making products and services a success and digital marketers are more and more in demand. This book is your guide to becoming a digital marketer and succeeding in this fast moving, technology-driven profession. Topics include the expertise and array of skills you will need; how to stay current and future-proof your career; useful digital marketing tools, channels, frameworks and procedures; how to measure campaign success, and how to take the next steps to advance in your digital marketing career.
Eileen Brown is CEO of Amastra, a media strategy consultancy. She is the author of the BCS book 'Working the Crowd', a writer on innovation and social business for ZDNet and an international speaker on the Internet of Things, media, online branding, and women in technology. Betsy Aoki is a Senior Technical Program Manager for metrics at Hulu and has previously worked as a Senior Program Manager for Bing and social media at Microsoft. Betsy has been named by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley as one of Microsoft's Women Worth Watching, and has been listed as one of biztechtoday's top 25 influential business women of Seattle on Twitter.
''Finally! Someone has broken down the very complex industry of Digital Marketing! I hope that every college assigns this book to first year marketing and business students and that everyone who is currently in marketing reads it to understand that digital marketing is not just advertising online. I know I'll be sharing it far and wide.''
Tara Hunt, digital marketing agency owner, social media pioneer, and author of 'The Whuffie Factor'

'‘This title is a must read for those making the transition between traditional marketing practices to digital marketing, and those working with or managing digital marketers. It provides great insight into the fast paced environment and the terms used in the day to day life of a digital marketer, as well as key formulas required to deliver an analytical approach to this discipline. You’ll get an excellent foundation of knowledge from this book.’'
Jemma Davis, JeMarketing, Freelance Marketing Expert

''A handy companion book for anyone looking to gain a marketing qualification or embark upon a successful career in marketing in our digital age. Our fast-evolving industry needs a constant stream of fresh talent to create tomorrow’s winning campaigns. With this book as your guide, the next great digital marketer might be you.''
Allister Frost, Founder and Managing Consultant, Wild Orange Media Ltd

''I found this book equal parts enjoyable and useful. It comfortably traverses altitudes between the higher level strategic concepts that underpin everything marketers do for brands, while providing real, actionable data and advice for someone looking to have a successful career in the field. This guide is as useful to an experienced marketer wanting to learn about new tools and develop new ways of approaching their work as it is for someone considering becoming a marketer as they enter the workforce or make a career change. That versatility and easy voice made it a pleasure to read, and the insights in the book made it a useful learning tool for marketers at any level.''
Adam Sohn, Vice President Communications, Lockheed Martin Space
  1.  Overview of the Digital Marketing Field
  2.  The Role of the Digital Marketer
  3.  Tools, Methods and Techniques
  4.  Next Steps For The Digital Marketer
  5.  A Day In The Life Of A Digital Marketer

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