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Technical Writing for Business People

Carrie Marshall (author)

UK Price: £9.99 £7.49 

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ISBN: 9781780174464
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 129 x 198
Number of pages: 70
Publication date: 01 OCT 2018
Publisher: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Technical writing is about communicating key information to the people who need it. It might be a manual for an application, a guide to using heavy machinery, a diagnostic aide for medical practitioners or a guidance note about new legislation. It needs to be clear and it needs to be precise. This book shows you how to achieve this and more. Whatever the content or context, in this book you’ll discover the essential tools and resources that you need to create technical writing that works for everyone.
Carrie Marshall is an author and freelance journalist, columnist, copywriter and scriptwriter. She writes features, news and tutorials about technology and has been published in many industry magazines including 'PC Plus', 'Digital Home' and 'What Laptop'. Since 2003, Carrie has also regularly spoken on technology and social media on BBC radio.
''Trying to convey technical information of various levels of complexity to audiences of varying knowledge levels who may not even have a technical background, can be very challenging. This is where this book comes into play, teaching you in a way that isn’t overbearing how to communicate your message effectively.''
Cliff Hobbs, CEO and Founder of
  •  What is Technical Writing?
  •  Seven Steps to Heaven: The Technical Writing Cycle
  •  Know Your Audience
  •  Break It Down: The Importance of a Task-Based Approach 
  •  Assume Nothing
  •  Vanquish Vagueness
  •  Don't Be Yourself
  •  Stick To The Story
  •  Be Active: Why You Should Avoid The Passive Voice and Weak Verbs
  •  Diagrams, Lists and Graphics
  •  Everybody Needs An Editor
  •  The Technical Writing House of Horrors  

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