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IT-Enabled Business Change

Successful Management

Sharm Manwani (author)

UK Price: £34.99 

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ISBN: 9781902505916
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 172 x 246 x 10
Number of pages: 178
Publication date: 01 SEP 2008
Publisher: British Computer Society

The high-profile failure of major IT-related projects in both private and public sectors underlines the need for stringent change management. As businesses increasingly look to IT to enable that change, Sharm Manwani examines the types of business change processes that involve the use of IT, from the reasons organisations change the way they work, to how that change is identified, managed and implemented. All those involved in organisational change need to understand the potential pitfalls and the critical success factors. The main impetus of this book is to help those who are involved in IT-enabled business change projects fully understand the issues and achieve a succussful outcome. The intended audience includes business and IT executives, managers, professionals and expert users.This book brings together common sense and best practice...... Well worth reading, for IT professionals and business managers alike. (John Suffolk, Her Majesty's Government Chief Information Officer).
Dr Sharm Manwani holds an MBA and Doctorate from Henley Management College, where he lectures on IT-enabled business change. He has held the position of European IT Director at two leading multinationals, leading large-scale international IT-enabled change programmes. He is a Fellow of BCS and has written extensively on business and IT-related issues.
'Our ability to successfully enable business change seems inversely proportional to what we invent. This book brings together common sense and best practice to help address this situation. Well worth reading, for IT professionals and business managers alike.'
John Suffolk, Her Majesty's Government Chief Information Officer
1 Introduction
2 Overview - IT-Enabled Change
3 Business and IT Alignment
4 Business Improvement
5 Business Change Design
6 Change Implementation
7 Benefits Management
8 Skills and Techniques

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