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Enterprise Content Management

A Business and Technical Guide

Stephen A. Cameron (author)

UK Price: £34.99 

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ISBN: 9781906124670
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 170 x 244 x 9
Number of pages: 172
Publication date: 16 MAY 2011
Publisher: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the management of information across an enterprise. The aim is to capture, preserve and deliver information as content or a knowledge asset in a consistent, natural and re-usable way. ECM tools and strategies enable the capture, management, storage and delivery of an organisation's information, wherever that information exists. Organizations who understand the value of their information, maintain verifiable sources, collaborate over creative business propositions and protect their knowledge will continue to succeed. The book is essential reading for any executive contemplating or managing their information strategies and any enterprise architect involved in managing the delivery of an ECM solution.The best companies have a strategy for the collation, storage, search and exploitation of all their information. This book outlines the business drivers behind such strategies and the information systems approaches needed to implement them.
Stephen Cameron has spent his career working in engineering and information businesses as a vendor, a consultant and as a customer. With over 15 years in industry combined with many years in consultancy, he brings a wealth of experience and considered executive and architectural thought leadership to the world of ECM.
'Even the most hardened of ECM professionals will find this book of great value. [...] it will help you get your arms around this dynamic and business-critical subject'
Chris Blaik, Marketing Director EMEA, EMC Corporation

'Cameron certainly has a deep, deep knowledge of all things ECM, but writes in a refreshingly clear way, free of techno-speak and brochure-talk.'
Doug Miles, Director Market Intelligence, AIIM

'If you are new to ECM and want to get into it, possibly the best way to start... Pure content, no marketing!'
Nikos Anagnostou, Enterprise Technology Strategist, EMEA, Microsoft Corporation

'Stephen has created a unique perspective [...] providing insight and guidance that will allow better understanding of the requirements and constraints that surround enterprise content management. [...] he [brings] a style and passion [...] that is strangely compelling: you always want to hear more. This book is no exception.'
Douglas Coombs, Lead Consultant Information & Process, North East Europe, IBM Corporation

1 Content Lifecycle
2 Organisations
3 Content maturity model
4 Compliance and governance
5 Developing a business case

6 Architecture and technology
7 Storage
8 Managing change
9 Transformation
10 Compliance and governance framework
11 Business and programme delivery
12 Future trends


Customer Reviews.Add a review

‘ECM - A Business and Technical Guide’ is written in a very engaging style, easily readable and extremely well researched.

The author sets out to define the enterprise content management approach to developing the organisational repository of knowledge and to achieve clarity in the midst of a multiplicity of global viewpoints.

A tall order ... but it has been delivered with panache!

And as a great believer in ‘plus 1s’, I am delighted that the author provides the reader with a website where there is an opportunity to ask him questions and where answers will be provided.

Read the full review here.

05(George Williams MBCS CITP)

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