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NLP for Project Managers

Make things happen with neuro-linguistic programming

Peter Parkes (author)

UK Price: £34.99 

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ISBN: 9781906124687
Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 177 x 244 x 14
Number of pages: 240
Publication date: 14 MAR 2011
Publisher: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Method and process are important in project management, but knowing how to use them is even more so. As a project manager you can increase your effectiveness most by developing your soft skills, recognising that finesse can be more effective than force. Once developed, you will find that these skills are transferable across project types and whole industry sectors. This book illustrates the application of NLP to develop competencies - better equipping you to communicate across cultures, reframe problems, manage stakeholder groups, resolve conflicts, motivate teams and become an even better leader.The only book on NLP specifically for project managers.
Dr Peter Parkes has held programme director roles in the private and public sectors, public private partnerships and ‘Big 4’ consultancy practices. He is a Fellow of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, the Association for Project Management and the Chartered Management Institute. With the APM he is a Trustee and Board Champion for best practice groups and regular speaker on aspects of project management. He is a professional member of the Association for NLP and an NLP Master Practitioner.
'To be effective, project managers must learn the language of the boardroom. Peter and this book will help you to do that.'
Neville Bain, Chairman, Institute of Directors

'If all books placed as much importance on soft skills as this one then perhaps we might start to see a sea change in the way projects are managed.'
Chris Field PMP MBCS CITP, President PMI UK Chapter

'I recommend every project manager reads this book (in addition to PRINCE2!).'
Andy Murray CDir, Director, Outperform, and lead author PRINCE 2009 refresh

'This is one of the first books to apply soft skills to the normally precise and potentially stressful world of project management. As such it meets a great challenge because project managers more than most workers relate to a large number of different people for a pre-determined duration; these relationships then end, and a fresh set of relationships then needs to be built at the start of the next project.'
Gordon Harris, Fellow, Chartered Management Institute

'Mission accomplished.'
Philip Smelt RPP MAPM, Project Magazine January 2012

'If like me you're one of those project managers that likes to keep abreast of new techniques but perhaps are slightly sceptical of the less than 'hard' skills that seem to come and go as fads, then Peter Parkes' latest book is for you.'
Philip Smelt RPP MAPM, Project Magazine January 2012


Part 1 The world of project management
Part 2 The world of NLP
Part 3 Bringing the two worlds together - putting NLP into practice for project management

Appendix 1 Taking things further
Appendix 2 A virtual week in the life of an effective project manager
Appendix 3 Changing beliefs that limited professional development

Glossary of NLP terms

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This book is an NLP introduction that is clear in its intended outcomes. It makes the case for NLP as providing a competitive advantage in project management and demonstrating how this can be achieved.

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