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Are my Hosted Checkout details the same as my Online Bookshop details?

As the BCS Online Bookshop is developed further, the Hosted Checkout sign-in will take precedence over the Online Bookshop sign-in.

Is the password for signing in the same as for the BCS website?

No. The passwords are completely different. The password for the BCS website allows you to access the BCS Member Area. For the Bookshop you need a separate password which you set up when you register as a new customer.

Please note your sign in information is not stored at BCS so you need to make sure you use a relevant reminder for your password, otherwise you will need to re-register as a new customer.

My membership number is not being recognised?

If you have only recently joined BCS your bookshop discount may not have been activated. This information is usually updated overnight so you should find this will work within a week of joining.

Another reason for this happening may be that you are using an incorrect or invalid number. You can check your membership number on the home page of the Member Area of the website after you have logged in. Otherwise please contact our Customer Service team using the online form at or call +44 (0) 1793 417 417.