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Working the Crowd

Social media marketing for business

By (author) Eileen Brown

Publication date: 07 Jun 2012

Engaging with social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter is now a key part of global business communications. Blogs, microblogs, social networking and social news sites have become the new tools for effective marketing and sales. This book is an excellent resource for anyone planning a social media strategy or individual campaign. It includes: specific sites for various types of networking and engagement; blogs and microblogs; online presence and creating a social media brand; brand perception and reputation; legal issues; connecting to a global audience; job recruitment via social media; how different age groups interact online; viral marketing; creating brand advocates and how they can broadcast the message; future predictions. This new edition is updated to cover the latest thinking, practices and technology such as Google+.
Eileen Brown began her career in the Merchant Navy and was Shell Tankers’ first female Deck Officer. She then took charge of a container shipping line before managing Microsoft’s IT Professional Evangelist team. She is now CEO of Amastra Ltd, where she works on companies’ social media strategy and online branding.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780171265

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780171289

188 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

1 Why do we want a social media strategy?
2 The new way of communicating
3 Your social media success plan
4 The tools of the new web
5 Networks
6 The online brand
7 Brand impact and brand success
8 Connections and reputation
9 Discovery
10 Scaling networks
11 Relationships and engagement
12 Amplifying your message
13 Where is it all going?
Eileen has created a masterpiece here in unravelling the complexities, acronyms and challenges presented by the ever-changing world of social media. Whether for the individual, small business or corporation, "Working The Crowd" demystifies how social media can be used to network, communicate, forge business partnerships and gain or share knowledge, backed by Eileen's years of experience in technology and networking. (review of previous edition)

Sarah Speake
Technology, Google UK

Eileen Brown blends extensive real world business experience with in-depth social media knowledge to create a unique and valuable guide. (review of previous edition)

Sue Thomas
Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University

"Want a grounded business book that spells out in practical terms both the strategy and the tactics for using social media from a tech industry veteran? Want strategic social media insights applicable both in Europe AND the US? And want it all told in a warm, personable style that combines the right amount of strategic case studies with the right amount of nuanced tactics? If so, Eileen Brown’s Working the Crowd: Social Media Marketing for Business is for you. From the early advent of blogging to the use of social games for business aims, Brown takes the reader step by step through this complex subject. Whether promoting your own personal brand (remember to put your networks on your business card!) or being the spokesperson for a billion-dollar business (and having to contain PR backlash), business readers will find useful nuggets throughout. Often social media books are written outside the corporate walls, from the pie-in-sky viewpoint of the visiting consultant, or solely with one corporate viewpoint or experience. Brown’s varied experience and analysis of both the small and large businesses’ need for social media makes her advice stand out from the crowded field – and told in the lively voice those hearing her via social media channels have come to know and love. As a business person, you already know how to work a crowded room – learn here how to extend your company and your brand across the Internet!" (review of previous edition)

Betsy Aoki
Social Media, Microsoft

Working the Crowd is packed with pragmatic tips, hints and insights from someone who has lived and applied these tools on all levels from small business to multinational corporation. (review of previous edition)

Bruce Lynn

A comprehensive, no-nonsense review of the social media landscape, what it means for you and your business, and how to use it as an amplifier for your goals. (review of previous edition)

Jason McCullough

Eileen remains on the cutting edge of social media strategy that when implemented returns a measurable ROI. I would highly recommend her book to any business who wants to deepen their customer interactions through powerful word of mouth marketing strategies. (review of previous edition)

Kim Matlock
Hard Rock International

For those still stumbling around in the dark, this excellent book helps shed light on the game-changing nature of social media, its tremendous opportunities and the many dangers that await those who insist nothing has changed and it is just another route to market. Despite being a little technical in places it is overwhelmingly well written and easy to understand, providing a comprehensive and accessible guide to the ill-informed and experienced alike. (review of previous edition)

John Ling
Chartered Institute of Marketing

Brown’s varied experience and analysis of both the small and large businesses’ need for social media makes her advice stand out from the crowded field. (review of previous edition)

Betsy Aoki

This is a good, practical guide to using social media in business and the challenges for businesses to create a coherent plan in the face of the ever changing nature of social media.

Alex McLachlan MBCS