Business Analyst

Careers in business analysis

By (author) Adrian Reed

Publication date: 31 Aug 2018

Business analysis is a crucial discipline for organisational success. It is a broad field and has matured into a profession with its own unique career roadmap. This practical guide explores the business analyst role including typical responsibilities and necessary skills. It signposts useful tools and commonly used methodologies and techniques. A visual career roadmap for business analysts is also included, along with case studies and interviews with practising business analysts.
Adrian Reed is Principal Consultant and Director at Blackmetric Business Solutions, where he provides Business Analysis consultancy and training solutions to a range of clients in varying industries. Adrian is the author of “Be A Great Problem Solver…Now!” and is Immediate Past President of the UK chapter of the IIBA. He speaks internationally on topics relating to Business Analysis and business change.

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780174280

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780174303

244 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1.  Introduction: The Need for Business Analysis
  2.  The Breadth and Depth of the BA Role
  3.  Roles and Responsibilities
  4.  Frameworks, Tools & Techniques
  5.  Career Roadmap
  6.  Nailing the Interview
  7.  Career Case Studies 

'Provides essential information to people wishing to enter and progress through the BA profession.'

Terri Lydiard
Director, Teal Business Solutions Limited

'Who better to write a book on a career in Business Analysis than Adrian Reed, whose own career has developed in parallel with the maturity of the Business Analysis profession itself. The book is an excellent mix of practical advice and guidance based on his own experiences and includes, not only a career road map for Business Analysts, but also a summary of the key tools and techniques that they would use throughout their working lives. This publication distils the knowledge and experience of one of the most internationally recognised champions of Business Analysis into an easily accessible and comprehensive resource for Business Analyst at any level and at any stage in their careers, including those considering a move into the profession for the first time. A vital read for all Business Analysts from new apprentices through to expert Business Analysts at the peak of their careers.'

Paul Turner FBCS
Business Analysis author and examiner, Business & IS Skills Ltd

'This book is an invaluable resource for individuals and organisations seeking to understand the role of the business analyst. It addresses two fundamental questions about the profession: “Where do BAs come from?”, and “Where are we going?”. My hope is that more people will discover, aim for and enjoy a career in Business Analysis as a result of the information and insight Adrian Reed has shared with us.'

Christina Lovelock
Business Analysis Manager, University of Leeds

'Adrian’s book is a great look at the Business analyst (BA) and the spectrum of how to enter the profession, what work is commonly done in the profession, and how to advance a career in the profession. The sections that deal with “is business analysis for me?” gives some really good guidance to those looking for a career in a high growth area. In the tools and technique chapter, Adrian summarises some of the industry practices to explain the basics to give the reader a sense of the most common work practices, especially as it applies to IT projects. The chapter that deals with the career roadmap is also very strong, and very useful to everyone in the BA profession or in adjacent roles, enabling them to see some practical ways to evaluate career progression options. Career Guidance continues as Adrian explores areas of career goals in examining how to apply business analysis to your own career, in preparing for the interview and moving through the recruiting process. The section on career case studies is very useful in highlighting the variety of experiences that BA’s bring to their work, and how each set of experiences finds a way to navigate to a satisfying career in a space that is evolving and growing in importance in the face of business model and technological changes. This book has value throughout the career of a business analyst and helps remove some of the shroud of unknowns about what to expect in the profession.'

Ken Fulmer
CEO and President of IIBA, inc.

'Adrian Reed offers a unique insight into the breadth and depth of the role of a Business Analyst, answering the key questions of "How do I become a BA?" and "What are the career paths of a BA?". He skilfully brings to life the type of activities a Business Analyst undertakes with easy to understand, real world examples. A book for all who consider a career in Business Analysis, aspiring BAs and new-to-role alike, providing a comprehensive view of the routes to becoming a BA, career progression as well as employment, certification and professional development and contribution options.'

Tina Schuster
joint President, IIBA UK

'Adrian strikes again with his second book that is destined to become an Analysis staple. In a style that strikes the balance between informative and inspirational, Adrian brings together industry perspectives and insights succinctly in a way no one else can. I constantly found myself pausing to reflect back on my career as well anticipating how I will implement the lessons learnt in future challenges. I consider this to be a must read book during all stages of your career.’

Ryan Folster, CBAP
Business Analysis Competency Lead, Britehouse

'Not many people understand the world of Business Analysis as well as Adrian. He's put a huge amount of that expertise into this book, and explained it all in a clear and approachable style which will be helpful for novice BAs and experienced professionals alike.'

Nick de Voil
joint President, IIBA UK

'This excellent book is essential reading both for anyone considering a career in Business Analysis and experienced Business Analysts who want to reinvigorate their career journey. The structure is easy to follow, starting with why the role is needed and then going on to describe in detail what it’s like to be a BA and what is in the BA tool kit...This is the first book I’ve seen on Business Analysis which takes the theories and frameworks and shows how they can be applied in the day to day work of a BA.'

Corrine Thomas
Director, Business Analysis Manager Forum and Founder & Director, Choices Coaching Ltd

'Adrian Reed has examined business analysis from a new angle – from that of current and aspiring practitioners. He has provided a valuable survey of the BA’s role and responsibilities and how someone gets into business analysis and develops their competencies and their careers. A very valuable addition to the growing literature of business analysis.'

Director and Company Secretary, AssistKD

'Technology is evolving at an ever increasing rate and as it does, the challenges of the organisation to constantly adapt and provide relevant solutions to the customer increase. This book is essential reading for the modern business analyst and identifies the core toolset and mindset that allows the individual to become an effective change agent.'

Alex Cottrell
Senior Business Analyst, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd