Delivering Business Analysis

The BA Service handbook

By (author) Debra Paul, Christina Lovelock

Publication date: 16 Sep 2019

Business analysis is a vital business change function with the potential to offer an efficient and valuable business service. Effective business analysis enables greater project success, informed investment choices and the delivery of beneficial business outcomes. A BA service is essential to modern businesses.

Delivering Business Analysis explores the creation and management of a BA service, including strategy definition, recruitment and continuous service improvement. The book explains how to move beyond the BA Community of Practice and embrace a service mindset, as well as how to deliver a BA service offering and move on to co-create business value.

This is the first publication to support senior BAs and BA team leaders within their organisations, helping them to engage with their customers and ensure they lead a team with the skills and tools to deliver an exceptional BA service. It is a key text for anyone driving or enabling successful change outcomes who wish to understand the benefits that accrue from adopting a service approach.

  • A comprehensive manual, covering all aspects of establishing and maintaining a BA service
  • Offers BA Leaders a timely road map for moving from a standard community of practice to a customer-focused BA service
  • A variety of practical and informative case studies is included, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of BA service delivery and leadership
  • This guide will enable BA leaders to attract, recruit and retain high-performing business analysts to their organisations
  • Fully aligned with the syllabus for the BCS Professional Certificate in Business Analysis Service Delivery
Debra Paul is the Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development. She has worked in business analysis and business change for over 30 years and is the editor and co-author of the best-selling BCS publication, 'Business Analysis'. Christina Lovelock is Business Analysis Manager at University of Leeds and a director of the BA Manager Forum.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780174686

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780174709

405 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1.  Introducing the BA Service
  2. Introducing the BA Service Framework
  3. Recruiting and Retaining Business Analysts
  4. Developing the Business Analysts
  5. Enabling the Business Analysts' Performance 
  6. Standardising the BA Service
  7. Applying Software Tools to Support the BA Service
  8. Leading the Business Analysis Service
  9. Operating the Business Analysis Service
  10. Delivering a Customer-Oriented BA Service
  11.  Fostering a Business Analysis Service Culture
  12. Improving BA Service Quality
  13. Measuring the Performance of the BA Service 

'This book contains a wealth of information and models to help BA leaders understand what their organisation needs from the BA function. The use of models and frameworks works particularly well; using an abstract concept to make sense of a concrete situation is, after all, the core of business analysis. This book also recognises the need to understand leadership as a distinct skillset, which is often overlooked within BA functions as many managers are promoted on the basis of technical excellence and may have little help developing their management competence. Whilst there are lots of ideas included in the book, I was particularly heartened that the importance of organisational context runs strongly throughout; this is not a “one size fits all” instruction manual, but rather a rich source of views and concepts to help BA leaders make the right choices for their own organisations. This book is recommended reading for anyone who has, or aspires to, a BA leadership role.'

Michelle Shakesheff
Head of Business Analysis, Close Brothers

'Business analysis has evolved as a discipline, but as many BAs will attest, there are obstacles to overcome. Often the role is misunderstood, and having a strong team and strong role identity is crucial. This practical and insightful guide provides concrete steps to avoid "role ambiguity", and will help senior BAs and leaders to clearly set-up, manage and measure the success of their BA service. The book discusses tricky but crucial areas such as value co-creation and the BA value proposition, and many other useful topics besides. The addition of inspirational case studies shows the types of concrete results that can be achieved. This book is exactly what the BA Community has been waiting for: A practical and insightful guide on how to set-up, run, manage and measure a BA Service. A "must read" for all senior BAs and leaders.'

Adrian Reed
Principal Consultant at Blackmetric & Author of "Business Analyst"

'A wonderful resource for people who are leading or representing business analysis inside their organisation, and are looking to build the understanding, recognition and mobilisation the role deserves - this book is your personal coach and new best friend.'

Joe Newbert
Chief Training Officer at Business Change Academy & Non-executive director of IIBA South Africa

'The growth of business analysis has led to more and more organisations establishing BA Practices yet little information is available to help them thrive. This book shines a new light on business analysis from a service perspective; providing a timely and comprehensive 'How to guide' for anyone wanting to achieve a sustainable and enduring BA service. Reading this book will provide everything you need from establishing a new BA service, to continuous improvement of established practices, and how to measure them effectively. A must have for any organisation.'

Lynda Girvan
Senior Business Analyst and Head of BA Profession, CMC Partnership Consultancy Ltd

'This is the book BAs have been waiting for. A comprehensive toolkit for the modern BA covering everything from the BA service, through recruitment, performance and standardisation. This book is suitable for all levels of BA, from those new to the profession, to the most experienced leaders in the industry. Essential reading for any Business Analyst.'

Sandra Leek
Senior Business Analyst & IIBA UK BA of the Year 2014

'Debra and Christina have cleverly crafted this insightful guide to encompass all the facets of a high performing 'Business Analysis' capability by using the wealth of its very own toolkit. With the customer firmly at the forefront, this book is packed with practical innovative frameworks, templates and guidelines that you could introduce tomorrow and make an immediate impact to the quality of your BA value proposition. Whether you’re a BA leader, a BA professional or simply a recipient of Business Analysis services, this book brings overdue clarity on how a high performing, modern day Business Analysis capability should be structured, operated and promoted on a day-to-day basis.'

Ian Richards
Head of Business Analysis, Capita People Solutions & IIBA UK BA of the Year 2016

'It can be a real struggle to set your standards as a team of business analysts in an organisation, this book gives a clear overview of the steps you can take to create a professional and mature business analysis service.'

Geertje Appel
Business Analyst & Trainer, Le Blanc Advies

'An important new work further enhancing the Business Analysis discipline. The book brings together the challenges faced in the definition, design and operation of a BA Service, such as where it is situated within an organisation; how to measure its effectiveness; and offers suggestions to address these based on information taken from senior practitioners in the field. Applying concepts from Service Science to Business Analysis, a service framework is proposed. Alongside an indication of the main beneficiaries of each service and the competencies needed to deliver it, this forms an essential manual for BA leaders setting up a new BA Service or wanting to understand the maturity of their existing practice.'

Dr Terri Lydiard
Director, Teal Business Solutions Limited

'This book is a much-needed book for the BA world! It provides everything and more to be able to understand (and where needed) to implement a BA Service. It combines both theories with practical applications, tools and techniques, which provide the reader with so much more than just theory. A must have book for those wanting to expand their knowledge of BA services and the profession.'

Joanna Soleki
Head of Strategic Portfolio & Business Change, Sheffield Hallam University, & IIBA UK North Vice-Chair

'Essential reading for BA managers and leaders whether they are wanting to set up or run a BA Service or to develop a team of BAs. This book takes the next step in developing Business Analysis as a profession and will enable managers to build a BA service that adds significant value to their customers and the wider organisation.'

Dr Katharine Smith
Senior Business Analyst

'A comprehensive, well-crafted and carefully researched guide for BA managers, packed with practical advice and examples. This is a valuable resource for BA Leaders to frequently return to for helpful nudges whilst navigating changing tasks, environments and practice maturity.'

Michael Greenhalgh
Head of Business Analysis, British Council

'Having experience of being part of and leading two BA Services - I can see how valuable this will be to those running a service of any scale. Whether you’re running a BA Service made up 2 or 200 professionals, whether it’s a new thing or been around for a while, or even if you don’t know you’re running a “BAaaS” – I’m confident you’ll find this an invaluable friend you’ll want to keep coming back to.'

Jamie Toyne
Head of Business Analysis, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)