A Pragmatic Guide to Business Process Modelling

By (author) Jon Holt

Publication date: 20 Jul 2009

• Bestselling business process modelling title, now in its 2nd edition (prev ISBN 9781902505664) • Completely revised and expanded to include 5 new chapters covering presentation of process information, a teaching guide, enterprise architecture and more • Author is well-known within the BPM community and regularly blogs on process modelling issues • Author interview scheduled with the leading technology podcast on iTunes to coincide with publication. • Central London launch event will be widely advertised within strategic business media and attended by key business figures.
Jon Holt is an award-winning author and public speaker, specialising in all aspects of systems, process and competency modelling. Jon's other work interests include Enterprise Architecture, standards and education, and he has previously held a variety of positions at universities in the UK and USA. Jon is a Fellow of the IET and BCS.

Dimensions: 246x172mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781906124120

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780170046

248 pages

1 Introduction
2 The UML Diagrams
3 Requirements for Process Modelling
4 The Process Meta-model Expanded
5 Process Mapping and Metrics
6 Case Study
7 The bigger picture – Enterprise Architecture
8 Presentation
9 Teaching guide
10 Tools and automation
11 Answers to exercises

Appendix A: Summary of the Process Modelling Meta-model
Appendix B: Summary of UML Notation References
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Jon Holt's clear and engaging style makes a potentially difficult subject highly accessible and the reader's progress is helped along by the mixture of good examples, humour and flair for explanation that we have come to expect from this author.

Paul McNeillis

Jon Holt's clear and engaging style makes a potentially difficult subject highly accessible.

Paul McNeillis