Managing Yourself

Shortcuts to success

By (author) Elizabeth Harrin

Publication date: 15 Sep 2013

Research shows there is no 'model' project manager. Every individual approaches project management in a different way, bringing with them a unique set of skills and experiences. Becoming a good project manager is often largely about self-development. This ebook gives a huge range of ideas and tips on issues such as time management, career progression, managing a personal brand, and navigating office politics. This is one section of the book "Shortcuts to Success".
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Elizabeth Harrin MA MBCS FAPM is a project and programme manager with a decade of experience managing IT and business change projects. She is the author of Social Media for Project Managers (PMI, 2010) and writes the award-winning blog A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. Elizabeth is a PRINCE2, MSP and P3O Practitioner and a member of PMI.

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780172132

35 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Get organised
Don’t do zombie project management
Keep your records tidy
Manage your personal brand
Navigate office politics
Know what’s a showstopper
Learn how to facilitate
Get a mentor
Do documentation
Don’t be afraid to suggest they pull the plug
Archive effectively
Further reading
Lives up to the 'real world' promise in its title, providing concise, practical advice for leaders of large projects, small projects, and everything between. The interwoven examples from actual projects illustrate clearly why the guidance provided here matters.

Tom Kendrick, MBA, PMP

Elizabeth Harrin has done it again! This new edition of her book 'Project management in the real world' is packed with hard-won insights on how to make projects work in today's pressurised business environment. It shares the stories of people grappling with projects all over the world. I reckon that these lessons learned are worth their weight in gold to anyone with a challenging project to accomplish. Apply what it suggests and you're likely to save your company a fortune and yourself heaps of frustration!

Dr Penny Pullan