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Big Data

Opportunities and challenges

Edited by BCS The Chartered Institute for IT

Publication date: 07 Apr 2014

Despite the current hype around big data, there is no denying that its potential to benefit organisations, businesses and customers is enormous. The articles in this ebook aim to give practical guidance for all those who want to understand big data better and learn how to make the most of it. Topics range from big data analysis, mobile big data and managing unstructured data to technologies, governance and intellectual property and security issues surrounding big data.
Ebook (VitalSource) - £2.99

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780172637

60 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Where are we with big data?
Big data technologies 
Big data = big governance?
Maximising on big data
Mobility and big data – an interesting fusion
Big data analysis
Removing the obstacles to big data analytics
Managing unstructured data
Big data – risky business
Securing big data
Data, growth and innovation
The new architecture
Intellectual property in the era of big and open data
Big data, big hats
The commercial value of big data
Big data, big opportunities