Project Manager

Careers in IT project management

By (author) Elizabeth Harrin

Publication date: 20 Jul 2018

This book is a highly accessible guide to being a project manager (PM), particularly a project manager working within an IT field. The role is set out with reference to required skills, competencies and responsibilities. Tools, methods and techniques for project managers are covered, including Agile approaches; risk, issue and change management processes; best practices for managing stakeholders and financial management.
Elizabeth Harrin is an award-winning writer with over 15 years of experience in project and programme management. She has written 6 books on project management and runs 'A Girl's Guide to Project Management' (, an online blog and community which provides resources and support for project managers.

Dimensions: 198x129mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780174167

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780174181

216 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT


Chapter 1: Introduction to Project Management
Chapter 2: The Role of the IT Project Manager
Chapter 3: Project Structures
Chapter 4: How Project Managers Work: Tools, Methods and Techniques
Chapter 5: Career Progression and Related Roles
Chapter 6: A Day in the Life of an IT Project Manager

Appendix A: Professional Associations
Appendix B: Project Management Websites
Appendix C: Project Management Templates

'It’s very rare in a subject as crowded as project management to find a book that feels immediately fresh and engaging. Elizabeth Harrin’s book is that rare thing. Read it and you will understand not only how to run a project but how to do so in a way that ensures your project will deliver for your organization and the people within it. It’s a wonderfully crafted little book...Elizabeth Harrin has articulated the role, responsibilities, tasks, challenge and excitement of working in project management in a way that made me want to be able to restart my career all over again.'

Jonathan Norman
Manager, Major Projects Knowledge Hub

'Ms. Harrin is superbly up to the task of introducing the field of project management to both newcomers and project veterans alike. As a former PMO lead and PM instructor, I found Elizabeth’s work highly engaging. Not only does she present the foundational aspects of project organization in an accessible way, but she also offers a human angle that other texts sorely lack. I especially appreciate her stories and anecdotes about what it’s like to manage projects in the trenches. For those seeking to break into this exciting profession, Ms. Harrin’s in-depth coverage of techniques, roadmaps and resources make a wonderful launching-off point. Buy Project Manager today!'

A. Geoffrey Crane
Trent University

'Elizabeth has another winner on her hands with her latest IT focused Project Management book “Project Manager – Careers in IT project management”. This is a must have for any new project managers wanting to learn about the role, understand best practices and get brought up to speed on all the latest tool, methodologies and industry terms. If you are new and starting out, this book is for you. What I loved the most about the book were the anecdotes, where Elizabeth brings in real people to talk about their particular experiences about the subject. I loved that because you hear real time from people directly working in the roles. Great book, and a must buy for every project manager!'

Bill Dow, PMP
ITIL author of The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running, and Shutting Down

'This is a wonderful book. I wish I'd read this 25 years ago when I started managing software projects. Seriously. So much of this I learned the hard way by doing, and this book is straight forward, easy to read and covers all the bases. Nice Job Elizabeth!'

Monica Borrell
Founder and CEO, Cardsmith

'A clear, comprehensive introduction to IT project management that will suit anyone starting out as an IT project manager, whilst being broad enough to have plenty of interest for the more experienced.'

Richard Newton
award winning author of The Management Book and The Management Consultant

‘Project Manager is the perfect tasting menu for any would-be project manager in the IT sector. It’ll give you a flavour of the whole discipline, familiarising you with all the jargon, the principle methods, and the kind of career you can expect. Like any tasting menu, it leaves you wanting more of the best bits, and wondering ‘just how do they do that’. If you’re about to start a career in IT project management and don’t have someone to answer all your questions, here’s what you need. Ask Elizabeth and she’ll tell you the answers.'

Dr Mike Clayton
CEO & Founder,

'This is a great guide for anyone beginning their career in IT Project Management or wanting to move into the industry. Guidance on when to use agile methodologies and the importance of aligning IT projects to business strategy sit alongside a comprehensive overview of the role, responsibilities and tools of the IT Project Manager. The easy to read and well structured text is supported by useful tables, diagrams and recommendations for future reading while the glossary, list of abbreviations and overview of external accreditations will be particularly helpful for anyone wanting to keep up with the changing landscape of IT Project Management.'

Caroline Harper
Corporate Lead ICT and Digital, South Tyneside Council

'This is great book for anyone who is interested in becoming an IT Project Manager. It starts with the basics all about what Project Management is, and what an IT Project Manager is. The chapter on the Role of the IT Project Manager is very good, and tells it how it is, using comments from real IT Project Managers and lots of Elizabeth’s own experience. I really enjoyed this section as its different from other books on the subject, giving a real life view. There is just the right amount of tools, methods and techniques in Chapter 4 but to give the reader a flavour which is important. Chapter 5 is ideal as it focuses on Career Progression and Related Roles which gives a great overview of how an IT PM can progress and other roles that they could look to move to in the future. Elizabeth finishes with an overview of a day in her life as an IT PM which is great insight to the reader on what its really like, warts and all. As an accidental PM who knows that you can have a really good rewarding career in Project Management, I found this book ideal for anyone who has thought that Project Management may be the right path for them and would highly recommend it.'

Donna Unitt
Head of Delivery, Rocket Consulting Ltd.

'Elizabeth Harrin’s new book “Project Manager” is a valuable resource not only for anyone who wants to start a career as an IT Project Manager but also for established project managers wanting to refresh the role. The guide provides relatable case studies giving a fresh perspective on different career options for IT Project Managers. The tools, methods and techniques are particularly helpful to new starters wanting to avoid potential pitfalls, including helpful tips on how to pronounce well-used acronyms and access to templates. Elizabeth’s’ natural and genuine writing feels more like peer advice received over a cup of coffee than a technical reference manual, and makes for an interesting read with plenty of good advice to consider.'

Rebecca Gordon
Director, Programme and Project Capability Building, Australian Federal Public Service

'A must-have for every Project Manager... The book works for those who are looking to embark on the exciting journey of becoming a Project Manager as well as seasoned Project Managers and everyone else in between. It also serves as a great reference guide, giving you those essential tips and pointers to ensure that your Projects have the best chance of success.'

Raj Sharma
Consultant Senior Project Manager

'A go-to source for those interested in what being an IT project manager is like. It particularly addresses the key concern of today’s project manager with ensuring that projects – especially those delivering tech solutions – actually deliver real business benefits, and also the challenges of aligning the proven advantages of agile approaches with the fulfillment of over-arching strategic objectives. A ‘day in a life of an IT Project Manager’ chapter helps to bring it all to life.'

Bob Hughes
Project Management author

''Elizabeth's latest book is as practical and applicable as we've come to expect from this experienced author.'

Penny Pullan
Director, Making Projects Work Ltd

'Another pragmatic publication from Elizabeth to help those starting out in their careers in project management.’

Peter Parkes
Programme Director, Peak Performance Consulting and author

'An excellent book for anyone considering a career as a project manager.'

Chris Evans
Service Architect, Fujitsu