Managing Data Quality

A practical guide

By (author) Tim King, Julian Schwarzenbach

Publication date: 04 May 2020

Data is an increasingly important business asset and enabler for organisational activities. With growth in data sets and data volumes, it's becoming ever harder to manage. Data quality - the fitness for purpose of data - is a key aspect of data management and failure to understand it increases organisational risk and decreases efficiency and profitability. This book explains data quality management in practical terms, focusing on three key areas - the nature of data in enterprises, the purpose and scope of data quality management, and implementing a data quality management system, in line with ISO 8000-61.
Dr Tim King is Principal Consultant at Babcock International Group and was convener for ISO 8000. Julian Schwarzenbach is Director of specialist consultancy, Data & Process Advantage, and Chair of the BCS Data Management Specialist Group.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780174594

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780174617

158 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Part 1: The Challenge of Enterprise Data
  • The Data Asset
  • Challenges When Exploiting and Managing Data
  • The Impact of People on Data Quality
  • Case Studies and Examples
Part 2: A Framework for Data Quality Management
  • The Purpose and Scope of Data Quality Management
  • The ISO 8000-61 Approach
  • Data Quality Management Capability Levels
  • ISO 8000-61 Processes
  • The Maturity Journey 
Part 3: Implementing Data Quality Management
  • Preparing the Organisation for Data Quality Management
  • Implementing Data Quality Management
  • The Human Factor - Ensuring People Support Data Quality Management
  • Conclusions 

'Written by two world-renowned experts, this book is the world's first comprehensive guide to the management of "data quality" and the ISO 8000 series.'

Yoshiaki Sonoda
Engineering Manager and Data Quality evangelist, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

'Tim King and Julian Schwarzenbach have a wealth of experience both in improving the way organizations manage information quality and in developing standards to support managing data quality, and as a result they bring not just ideas but examples of both good and bad practice that you can learn from...the best book on the subject I’ve read.'

Matthew West
Director, Information Junction

'I often hear the phrase ‘we don’t trust the data’ and often this stems from poor data quality. Tim and Julian have brought their considerable experience together to give you a detailed and practical guide on how to improve the quality of your data, including real world examples to bring their points to life.'

Caroline Carruthers
Chief Executive, Carruthers and Jackson, Co-author of ‘The CDO Playbook’

'Managing Data Quality shines a light on the true nature of data quality, and its fundamental contribution to effective decision making. The Authors guide the reader through an accessible and logical journey, one that is anchored in real-world application, providing valuable frameworks for data management professionals and business leaders alike.'

Dr Mark Parsons
Chief Proposition Development Officer, Arcadis Gen

'This book is a very valuable and welcome addition to the literature on data quality best practice.'

Nigel Turner
Principal Information Management Consultant, Global Data Strategy