Business Analysis

By (author) Debra Paul, James Cadle, Malcolm Eva, Craig Rollason, Jonathan Hunsley

Publication date: 24 Jul 2020

Business analysis is a key discipline within business transformation projects. Too often business changes are introduced without such analysis, leading to failed projects, wasted investment and unnecessary business disruption. Effective business analysis enables greater project success, informed investment and beneficial business outcomes.

Business Analysis describes the entire landscape for successful business change, explaining the range of services offered by business analysts, the lifecycles and approaches that may be applied, and the techniques that aid analytical thinking, visualisation and modelling. The new edition of this bestseller has been updated extensively to ensure that the guidance offered is highly practical and encompasses the latest developments within the business analysis profession. 

This is a seminal text for business analysts, helping them to develop their understanding and skills and enabling them to develop their business analysis careers. It is also a key text for anyone working in organisations, whether driving change initiatives or enabling successful change outcomes.

This book is:

  • A practical and informative text, enabling business analysis and other business change professionals to develop their key knowledge and skills
  • A readable and engaging journey through the business change lifecycle, the business analysis services and the toolkit required of a proficient business analyst
  • Supports the BCS Business Analysis Certification Portfolio
Dr Debra Paul is a Chartered Fellow of BCS and is the Managing Director of Assist Knowledge Development Ltd. She is a regular speaker at business analysis conferences, a founder member of the BA Manager Forum and was the chief architect for the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis. Debra developed the Business Analysis Service Framework. James Cadle is a Chartered Fellow of BCS and a BCS oral examiner, having worked in business analysis and project management for more than 40 years. As a director of Assist Knowledge Development, he has created and presented a range of courses in his specialist subjects.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780175102

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780175126

436 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

1. What is business analysis? 2. The competencies of a business analyst 3. The strategic context for business analysis 4. The business analysis service framework 5. Investigating the business situation 6. Analysing and managing stakeholders 7. Improving business services and processes 8. Defining the solution 9. Making the business case 10. Establishing the requirements 11. Documenting and modelling requirements 12. Validating and managing requirements 13. Delivering the requirements 14. Delivering the business solution Supplementary chapter: BCS business analysis certification portfolio
Business analysis was something I simply did, rather than thinking of it as a profession; that was until I went to the launch of the first edition of Business Analysis. As the profession of business analysis continues to evolve and adapt to a changing environment, I’m delighted that this 4th edition continues to lead the way. It remains the ‘go-to’ book and most important guide for professional business analysts. Indispensable and invaluable.

Dylan Jones
Deputy Director, Department for Work and Pensions

In its fourth edition, Business Analysis continues to incorporate emerging concepts, clearly presented and easily read, reflecting the evolution of business analysis. It is the benchmark publication for any business analyst, to which readers will continue to return for reference and reassurance.

Mark Wilson
Business Analysis Practice Manager, Allianz Insurance plc

This updated edition supports the continued evolution of business analysis and remains the go-to resource for practicing business analysts to turn to throughout their careers. The inclusion of the Business Analysis Service Framework and a wealth of Lean and Agile techniques reflects the customer-centricity of business analysis in today’s world.

Michelle Shakesheff
Head of Business Analysis, Close Brothers

Business Analysis has long been the key book for every self-respecting business analyst. After six years of excellent service in its third edition, I am delighted that this fourth edition introduces a service framework and has captured advancements such as Agile, SIPOC and Design Thinking whilst maintaining the core integrity of traditional business analysis.

Ian Richards
Director, Business Analysis, Capita

The book that no business analyst should be without gets an up to the minute update that maintains its status as the primary reference on Business Analysis for change professionals everywhere. The wealth of material and scope of the updates ensure this edition is an invaluable addition to any business analyst’s bookshelf regardless of their experience! I heartily recommend it to anyone wishing to know more about this vital and rewarding role.

David Beckham
Principal Consultant, ChuDo Consulting

This much anticipated new edition does not disappoint! The BA Service perspective moves the profession forward in our understanding of how business analysis can be used to best effect within our organisations. From aspiring BAs to highly-experienced practitioners, this book is a must-read for all business analysts.

Christina Lovelock
Co-Author of Delivering Business Analysis, and Busines Analysis Manager, University of Leeds

In today's world where the role of the business analyst is being challenged like never before, this book is just what we need to ground us. We are business analysts and this highly recommended 4th edition reminds us of who we are, what we do and what we can achieve.

Linda Parker
Business Analyst of the Year 2019, The Christon Blueprint

This welcome update to the must-have text equips business analysts with the toolkit and information needed to tackle the shift to digital services and emphasis on customer service value. The addition of the Business Analysis Service Framework will help organisations take their BAs to the next level.

Lyn Girvan
Head of Business Analysis, CMC Consultancy Partnership Ltd

This book offers the why, what, and how of Business Analysis Service in plain terms. It is packed with useful and practical concepts, frameworks, and techniques for business domain and requirements analysis in information systems service provision. Essential reading for everyone already in or considering a career in business analysis, and for those in IS studies.

Yin Leng Tan
Lecturer in Business Informatics, Henley Business School

I’ve used this book throughout my career and it is more complete than ever, covering the whole spectrum of activities in the BA-discipline. It is a very useful combination of available techniques and best practices on how to use them. It is a must-read for every business change professional.

Geertje Appel
Business Analyst & Trainer, Le Blanc Advies

If you only pick one book to learn about business analysis, this is it. Even after consulting on business change projects for over twenty years, this is my go-to book when I need to remind myself about how to do something. Put simply, it’s the best companion a business analyst can have.

Joe Newbert
Chief Training Officer, Business Change Academy

This fourth edition of the definitive Business Analysis text is the best so far and moves the discipline forward yet again.

Paul Turner FBCS
Business Analysis examiner and mentor

The part of the book I loved most was on workshops and the clarity created in discovery techniques such as free-form, round-robin brainwriting, etc. and visualization through user stories, mind maps, scenarios, rich pictures etc. These I believe are essential tools and techniques for any business analyst.

Rumesh Wijetung
Director / Trainer at APPTRA Holdings (Pvt) Ltd & Agile Coach at Wiley Global Technology (Pvt) Ltd

The first responsibility of a business analyst often seems to be defining the value of business analysis, especially within an Agile tech organisation. For this purpose, the 4th edition of Business Analysis is indispensable. Expect your copy to become your play-book, dotted with page markers and highlighted sections.

Libby Vincent
Head of Business Analysis, JUST EAT

In today’s complex world, the role of business analysis is evolving and changing. I am delighted to see that Business Analysis 4th edition is keeping pace with this. It gives essential guidance to anyone involved in business analysis activities at all levels of an organisation, from leadership roles to those involved in project and product development.

Dot Tudor FBCS
Technical Director, TCC Ltd

Each new version of this book enhances the business analysis landscape, introducing new ways of approaching business analysis and mixing in trusted tools and techniques such as PESTLE and SWOT. The updated section on business services and process is of particular value in exploring organisational structure and supporting the need to identify and manage risk.

Marie Bradley
Operational Compliance Director, adam&eveDDB

After a number of years in this profession, I can safely say this book is the one stop shop for business analysis! Whether you are looking to start a career as a business analyst, increase your current capability or just think in a more logical and structured fashion, the latest edition certainly doesn't disappoint.

Jay Chavda
Head of Business Analysis, Inspired Thinking Group (ITG)

The 4th edition of the Business Analysis offers a great way to brush up on or to learn new techniques. The book is easy to use offering the ability to jump in and out as required, providing a wealth of knowledge and best practices.

Dan Senter
Data Governance Lead, nationalgrid

BAs are expected to tackle increasingly complex business problems in a demanding business landscape. The additional strategy execution techniques included in this 4th edition will be welcomed by BAs everywhere. Essential reading for BAs looking to elevate skill-sets and for organisations looking to optimise the BA role for competitive advantage.

Alison Fairclough
Head of Business Analysis, Handelsbanken UK

This 4th edition is a must-have book for all business analysts. I am delighted to see topics of service thinking, customer experience & Agile/Lean included. In the evolving digital world, where the role of business analysts has been questioned, this book highlights the importance of BA function in organisations more than ever.

Swati Shirsat
Business Analysis Consultant, Essency Consulting & Solutions Ltd

Business Analysis continues to evolve and reflect emerging trends, building upon solid analysis principles, interpreting and informing the analyst’s role and best practice. Whether starting your journey in the industry as an apprentice, or you are the head of practice, this continues to be the north star that will guide all.

Gary Young
Head of Product Development, DVLA Information Technology Services

Clear and readable, Business Analysis encompasses basic BA tools and techniques together with modern ideas such as design thinking and customer experience. If you are a business analyst wanting to do your job well, to constantly broaden your horizons and to maintain inspiration for your profession, this book is for you!

Milena Mileva
Managing Consultant, PMBA

This 4th edition brings business analysis centre-stage for the 21st-century organisation. It provides an excellent, up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the BA’s role, from the strategic ‘helicopter view’ to the detailed ‘snail's view’. We'll give this book to every apprentice and delegate we train.

Dr Mike Goodland
Founder, Metadata Training