Practical Data Migration

By (author) Johny Morris

Publication date: 12 Oct 2020

This book is for executives, practitioners, and project managers who are tasked with the movement of data from old systems to a new repository. It is designed as a practical guide and uses a series of steps developed in real-life situations that will get you from an empty new system to one that is populated, working and backed by the user population. This new edition is updated to take account of changes in technology and the maturing of the market for data migration services, with two brand new chapters. It guarantees to get the dirty old data out of your legacy systems and transform it into clean new data for your new system.
Johny Morris has over thirty years' experience in IT working as a programmer, analyst, project manager and data architect, and has devoted over twenty years to data migration as a consultant and project manager. He has worked for some of the biggest names in IT consultancy including CSC, Logica CMG and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) as well as having been involved in large-scale migrations at Barclays Bank, National Grid Transco and the BBC.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780175140

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780175164

308 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT



1 Data migration: what's all the fuss
2 Golden rules and super smart tasks
3 PDMv3 overview 
4 Creating a data migration strategy


5 Project initiation

6 Key data stakeholder management and demilitarised zone
7 Landscape analysis
8 Business transformation plan
9 Data quality rules
10 Gap analysis and mapping
11 Migration design and execution
12 Legacy decommissioning

13 Waterfall versus Agile


14 Rescuing failing data migration projects


A1 Data migration strategy checklist

A2 Fields on a DQR document/form
A3 Mapping example

A4 PDMv3 process flow

For any practitioner faced with the challenge of delivering a successful data migration, this book is an absolute necessity.

Dylan Jones
Founder, Data Migration Pro

The book Practical Data Migration by Johny Morris is essential reading for any practitioner facing a challenging data migration project. The book covers the most important theoretical aspects but is at the same time very practice-oriented and pragmatic. PDMv3 strategy is the basis for being able to complete projects in time and to budget.

Dr Andreas Martens
Executive Director, qurix Technology GmbH

PDMv3 provides a valuable resource for project managers or IT practitioners seeking structured and consistent approaches to data migration, whether with regards to strategy, governance, data analysis, migration design, or testing. PDMv3 guidance, advice, and methodology, where followed, enhances the professionalism of anyone undertaking a data migration role.

Dr David Hannell MBCS CITP
Writer, Research Analyst, Project Manager

Throughout this book, Johny Morris provides practical experience-based guidance to both executive and practitioner on how to overcome the challenges of delivering a successful data migration. This edition updated to cover Waterfall, Agile and blended approaches brings this work fully up to date. An absolute ‘must read’ for any individual or team before starting or rescuing a data migration.

Ian Chapman MBCS CITP
Enterprise Data Architect, Expertechnix Ltd & Committee Member, DAMA UK

Johny Morris continues to provide clear and honest guidance to anyone who finds themselves having to struggle with the complexities of large-scale data migration. The PDM approach has proved invaluable in guiding the data migration team at Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Tito Castillo MBCS CITP
Founder, Agile Health Informatics Ltd & Associate Vice Chair (Standards), BCS Health & Care Executive

Digital transformation are impacting all organisation and a big part of the challenge is migrating from your current IT platforms and services. This easy to read book is the must have ‘how to’ guide on data migration for executives, data professionals and practitioners. It provides an accessible and easy to read guide that covers the many forms and dimensions to data migration programmes, from someone who has spent years on the sharp side of PDM.

Jason B Perkins
Head of Data & Analytics Architecture, BT

This is one of very few books I’ve read that I have thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Johny Morris’ style of writing is one I really adapt well too, a great mix of theory and experience with highlighted summary, risks and advice passages throughout. Over many years I have stressed the importance that PDM activity is owned and driven by the business, something that is overlooked when technology solutions are designed, tested and implemented. A ‘must have’ book for any BA or IT professional’s library!

Mark Thompson
Lead Business Analyst (Banking Division), Close Brothers

My first comments on reading Practical Data Migration were ‘AMEN’ and ‘YES’. The key differentiator of PDM from many other methodologies is the word ‘Practical’. Theory has a simple goal of migrating data from a tired old system to a shiny new one. Practical covers ‘user enhancements’.

Sean Barker FBCS CEng
Retired (previously with BAE Systems)

This book is THE authoritative guide to data migration principles and practices and an essential ‘go-to’ guide for anyone in business or IT involved in data migration projects. It is refreshingly jargon-free, and provides a systematic and proven methodology to address both the technical and cultural challenges of data migration.

Nigel Turner
Principal Consultant, Global Data Strategy Ltd

Whether this is your first or twenty-first data migration, PDMv3 will gives practical and experienced advice to improve the success of your data migration project. Johny Morris highlights useful tips, real-life experience and golden rules. An essential read for any manager or practitioner.

Mark Dodd CITP
Think Smart Limited

Data migrations are infrequent, and expertise in this challenging but important field is rare. This new edition of a well-established book, updated to reflect technical advances, is indispensable not only for members of project teams working on data migration but also for their managers.

Mike Andersson MBCS
Director, Andstrom Consulting & Vice Chair (Standards), BCS Health and Care Executive

PDMv3 is the perfect guide to data migration operations! Its comprehensive coverage of data migration procedures and themes is incredibly structured and fluid. It is clear, concise, and deliberate in its delivery of what you need to know to move your data from one system to another successfully.

Kudzai Muchenje
Regional Operations Analyst, African Development Bank Group