Digital Product Management

By (author) Kevin J. Brennan, Sallie Godwin, Filip Hendrickx

Publication date: 16 Sep 2022

The growth of digital media, products and services have changed the way companies do business. With technology moving to the forefront and consumers demanding simplicity, it is now more important than ever to understand how to deliver an end-to-end, integrated product experience. Digital Product Management demonstrates how to develop new products, launch them into the market and deliver business outcomes through the maturity of your product. With this book, you’ll learn how to deliver results, through developing your influence, creating a supportive team culture and managing your own time. You’ll also learn how to understand the needs of external customers without requirements elicitation or sign-offs, plus the difference between customer and business value, and why your product needs to create both. This practical and comprehensive guide is suitable for Product Managers looking to increase the impact of their digital products or for Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers and other IT Professionals interested in transitioning into a digital-product focussed role. Recommended reading for the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Digital Product Management
Kevin J. Brennan is Product Management and Business Architecture Consultant at Product MVP Consultancy. Kevin also led development of the BABOK® Guide (version 3). Sallie Godwin is a Product Owner at Riskhub, helping to develop property compliance software that makes risk management simple. Sallie was formerly Lead Business Analyst at the British Library. Filip Hendrickx, Founder of, has over ten years in business consulting and a prior ten years in software engineering and research. Filip is also co-founder of the BA & Beyond conference series.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780175324

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780175348

208 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1. What is digital product management?
  2. Focus first on your customers
  3. Understanding business value
  4. Product roadmaps
  5. Discovering and designing a valuable customer experience
  6. Data-driven decisions
  7. Development
  8. Managing for results
This book provides a very good introduction into this emerging field, both for product managers transitioning from physical to digital product roles and for people moving laterally into product management from other careers. I particularly enjoyed the relevant choices and emphasis on practices which embody what makes product management both special and critical. The authors help pull the readers past a superficial cataloging of activities and into an understanding of what makes for good product management. You'll be glad you read it, as I am.

Scott Sehlhorst, President, Tyner Blain; Product Management and Strategy Consulting

A lot of books have been written about modern product management. Most of them sell you an ideology, but fall short in explaining how to practically take on the challenges. This book fixes this gap, bringing together the plethora of techniques needed by a modern product manager: from creating a vision to leading an Agile development team. Highly recommended for any product manager looking to increase the impact of the digital products they are creating!

Pieter Hens, Product Coach and Professor Product Management at the University of Leuven

This book delivers an excellent and practical guide to digital product management skills, culture and mindset. It is particularly useful for those new to, or interested in, the product management discipline as well as current practitioners wishing to develop their skills. It provides engaging insight into core product management capabilities and ways of working which are invaluable to any digitally-centred team, business unit or organisation.

Roy Kee Son, Product Management Consultant, Orange Pie Consulting

This book is full of practical advice for aspiring or current product managers who work in enterprise businesses around the globe. I have tried, and lived through, many of the techniques and problems described here. Read this book, and go find a company that allows you to practice these skills.

Steve Rogalsky, VP Product Management, D2L

This book is perfect for a business analyst who is looking to transition into a product focused role or wants a better understanding of the stakeholders they interact with. It covers the complete life cycle, not only how product decisions are made, but how these ideas are developed into actionable products that deliver value to the customer. The chapter on software development is essential reading for those who are looking to transition into the digital space.

Martin Pendlebury, Senior Business Analyst; Senior Leadership Team, Young Business Analysts (YBA)

I wish this has been available when I first started a digital product management role as a postgraduate. This book effectively captures the essence of product management - a perpetual juggling act between the needs of the customer and the business - and equips readers with the tools to balance strategic vision with the realities of software delivery. I would recommend it to any business analyst or software professional interested in exploring this exciting role.

Alexandra Koyfman, Analyst, PDMS; Senior Leadership Team, Young Business Analysts (YBA)

This is an excellent introduction to Product Management and gives an in-depth view into how this discipline has evolved to cater for digital products. The inclusion and focus on how to deliver value to your customers is particularly valuable, giving thorough, understandable advice, backed up by data to underpin the reader's understanding. I would highly recommend this to any colleagues wanting a go-to manual for digital product management.

Joanne Fahy Gilbertson, Senior Business Analyst, University of Manchester; Senior Leadership Team, Young Business Analysts (YBA)

Having recently expanded my remit at work to include digital product management I've been delighted to read through this offering from the BCS. It has given me a great grounding in the discipline, and I look forward to returning to it as my journey with digital product management continues.

Dr Craig W. Docherty, Business Analyst, BJSS (Scotland); Young Business Analysts (YBA)

Anyone interested in product management would find this book a useful addition to their library. It contains a core set of tools that you can use to succeed in a product management role. The book starts by explaining the differences between traditional product management and digital product management - a distinction which organisations are having to embrace as the world becomes more digitised. The book goes on to explain how to deal with the challenge of having unstructured problems and how to overcome them. The book was particularly unique in its explanation of how different members of digital product teams can contribute to specific areas, leading to success of the product. I found the book very insightful, and will be keeping a copy nearby for reference.

Kay Hardy, Senior Service Designer; Cofounder, Young Business Analysts (YBA)

This book offers a deep and practical insight into how to effectively manage the entire end to end product lifecycle. It offers advice that is relevant to any business trying to form and deliver customer led products. It is full of effective tools that can be referred back to at any time to keep any product manager on their toes. A must read for those starting out in Product Management and established Product Managers alike or for anyone seeking new and optimal ways to deliver valuable customer led products.

Samantha Bland, Senior Product Manager