The Autonomous Enterprise

Powered by AI

By (author) Sarah Burnett

Publication date: 07 Feb 2022

The journey towards the autonomous enterprise has begun; there are already companies operating in a highly automated way and with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions offering compelling returns on investment. More organisations will be joining their ranks. With a workforce of machines that are augmented by humans, the autonomous enterprise will turn the current organisational model on its head. Corporate decision-makers will need to understand the opportunities and risks that the autonomous enterprise presents, to learn how best to navigate the shifting competitive landscape on their journey of change. This book is your guide to this innovation, presenting the concepts in real world contexts by covering the art of the possible today and providing glimpses into the future of business.
Sarah Burnett is a technology industry analyst who advises enterprises on intelligent automation technologies, competitive strategies and market trends and their commercial significance. To make AI accessible to more people, Sarah founded and runs AI Accelerator, a programme of free AI events and webcasts by experts to inform and educate participants.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780175829

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780175843

164 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. What You Need to Know About AI
  3. AI for Innovation
  4. AI for Efficiency
  5. The Bionic Customer Service Agent at Siemens Global Business Services
  6. Retaining the Human Touch at Calderdale Council
  7. Artificial Intelligence Improving Stroke Care at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust
  8. AI in Sales Optimization at Wärtsilä
  9. The Autonomous Enterprise
  10. Automation and Society
Burnett offers a comprehensive foundation and directional understanding of the future of business in this book. Her years of analyses into the world of technology shines through, as she explains the current state of artificial intelligence being used across the world of business and why you should get involved. She weaves a series of exciting case studies, from a wide range of examples to bring to life a story of potential for the companies and individuals involved at this evolutionary initial step towards an autonomous enterprise. A must read.

Rob Hughes, Co-founder and CEO, Techopian

Masterful insight, this book is more relevant than ever. It is critical reading for the business leaders of today and tomorrow. Through many illustrations and case studies, learn how AI is inevitable for your business to boost innovation, efficiency, and for it to become autonomous!

Pascal Bornet, Author of "Intelligent Automation"

I recommend this book for executives who need a business-focused primer on AI and the opportunities that it brings for innovation and efficiency. The book explains AI and intelligent automation as the next set of innovation levers driving business results in leading enterprises. Executives will learn the language of intelligent automation, including the major classes of tools, their capabilities, and limitations, and how they work together. Sarah Burnett’s book addresses implementation challenges and the practices that delivered business value in real-world case studies.

Mary Lacity, Walton Professor of Information Systems at the University of Arkansas, Co-author of "Becoming Strategic with Robotic Process Automation"

The book provides a clear picture of the state of AI in business today and where it is heading. It inspires innovation and shows how success can be achieved with many practical examples and detailed case studies. Essential reading for all business decision-makers ready to embrace the future!

Dr Adam Bujak, Co-founder and CEO,

'AI’ is the buzzword that business claim to have embedded, but in reality many have struggled to adapt and underpin their companies with true AI capabilities. In this book, Sarah Burnett seamlessly makes the concepts and implementation of AI accessible to all business leaders looking to undertake the digital transformation journeys necessary for their companies to survive and thrive using the true benefits of AI.

Russ Shaw CBE, Founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates

Sarah has an ability to simplify the complex. Her approach makes for easy reading and those real life examples help to cut through the noise that AI attracts and shine a light on the real value it delivers. As a serial entrepreneur and investor in AI, I appreciate the inclusion of case studies that demonstrate the art of the possible and bring this fascinating technology to life.

Andrew Anderson
Serial AI entrepreneur and investor

Sarah Burnett’s book is both a handy roadmap through the often-confusing landscape of AI technology, products and services and a thought-provoking read on the longer-term potential for business transformation through AI. The case studies will be particularly valuable for those seeking to understand how they can make best use of AI in their own organisations.

Audrey Mandela, Chair, Women in Telecoms & Technology; Co-Founder, Multimap

Essential reading for all business decision makers who need to understand the basics and future possibilities. The book provides an insightful and comprehensive coverage of the current world of AI, explaining how it is a business enabler, provides increased opportunities for innovation and efficiency. Sarah Burnett’s case studies demonstrate the positive impact AI has already had and that investing in AI is necessary as it continues modernising and disrupting the tech industry.

Andrea Palmer FBCS, Chair BCS Women and Consultant, Infosys Consulting

Filled with real, practical examples, this book strikes a nice balance between explaining future possibilities with the current practical realities. The author has disaggregated the concepts of AI into the tangible tools and applications available in the market today – in particular for enterprise use cases. A powerful primer for business executives wanting to quickly deepen and round-out their understanding of what AI can mean for the enterprise.

Eric Simonson, Managing Partner of Research, Everest Group

Will intensify your AI curiosity. It is filled with wonderful examples of humans and machines working together and learning. Sarah uses AI for good, ethically driven, to build the Autonomous Enterprise with concepts such as phygital. It makes AI relevant to us all in a style that relates to everyone.

Andrew Lowe, co-author of the BCS publication 'Artificial Intelligence - Learning From Experience'