Protecting your business, your family and yourself

By (author) Todd Wade

Publication date: 15 Jun 2022

WINNER: Independent Press Awards 2023 - Category: Computer

Cybercrime is a sad, ever-developing reality of our digital lives. We are all in danger of falling victim to their tricks, which can lead to serious consequences for our business, our family and ourselves. This book aims to prepare you to defend yourself against the tactics cybercriminals use, and gives you advice on what you can do if you, or your business, falls victim to cybercrime. With a focus on cyber fraud and cyber extortion, this book explores cybercrime from attack methods to impact, with the use of real-world case studies alongside practical suggestions on preventative measures, warning signs of cybercrime and next steps if you find yourself a victim.

Todd Wade is a Chief Information Security Officer with over 20 years experience in cyber risk management and technical operational leadership. He has provided tactical and strategic planning to develop and maintain strong cybersecurity posture for organisations, and has successfully built highly-efficient global teams in both start-ups and mature organisations.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780175850

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780175874

186 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1. Introduction
  2. Impersonation Cyber Frauds
  3. Cyber Advance-fee Threats
  4. Cyber Investment Fraud
  5. Cyber Identity Theft
  6. Cyber Extortion
  7. Cyber Sextortion
  8. Conclusion
This book is a must read for anyone wanting to protect their livelihood from cybercriminals. Not only does it explain the current threats to organisations who operate online, it also gives examples of relatable incidents and plenty of handy tips and techniques to help get you on the front foot. I particularly like the parallels drawn between historical frauds and online crime with the same techniques of trickery and deception used by modern day cybercriminals.

Helen Williams CISMP, Information Security Communications and Awareness Consultant, Bupa

The book’s clear examples and concise explanations give decision makers the knowledge and vocabulary needed to lead cyber risk discussions in their organizations. The author offers practical advice for executives to assess cyber risk and implement oversight. The content is up to date and suggests best practices for today’s challenging environment. Highly recommended!

Laurie Fuller, Executive Coach and Business Advisor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Todd Wade does an excellent job of documenting the contemporary cybercrime threat, detailing common modus operandi and highlighting the role of human psychology. Todd correctly highlights the significance of social engineering and the absolute necessity for public and private bodies to focus on a COGSEC (cognitive security) approach to countering this pervasive societal threat.

Jonathan Frost, Technical Director, Stop Scams UK

I found Todd Wade’s book a fascinating read and learned many new things about a topic that I considered myself already familiar with. Todd uses a consistent structure for each chapter unpacking each scam using plenty of relatable examples. He also provides a useful historic perspective throughout. I found the ‘how are people impacted?’ sections particularly relevant for my work and although the content of BCS publications is often most relevant for professionals, much of the content of this book should be shared with family, friends, and colleagues. Despite the sophistication of some of the techniques used by attackers nowadays, Todd is optimistic for the future and offers hope; the more we become aware of how the attacks are orchestrated, the more we’ll recognize them before we become the victims. Read this book to avoid becoming one!

Tim Clements FBCS CITP FIP CIPP/E CIPM CIPT, Purpose and Means, Copenhagen

Todd Wade has captured the evolution of cybercrime from pre-internet days to the cyber world of today. The book is well researched and gives a true picture of the threats, vulnerabilities and cost of cybercrime. I would recommend this book both to business organisations and to citizens to counter the increasing and multifaceted cybercrime threats!

Colonel John S Doody FBCS FCMI CITP ACISP MIOD, Director, Interlocutor Services Limited

Todd Wade's book offers readers a fascinating insight into the many different types of cybercrime and how internet users can protect themselves from becoming victims. The ubiquitous nature of cyber crime is fast expanding, with the power to disrupt and damage people's personal and professional life, particularly through the use of social engineering tactics by unscrupulous criminals. This book is a how-to manual outlining the best strategies to prevent yourself and your business from becoming a victim of cyber crime, written in a refreshingly straightforward and enjoyable style with extremely accurate advice. This highly recommended resource is a must have.

DC Richard Gentile MSc BA(Hons), Cyber Protect Officer, Cyber Crime Unit, British Transport Police

The most accessible book I’ve read on cybercrime. Delivering a compelling blend of storytelling, scientific insight and no-nonsense guidance, this book appeals to a wide audience. Individuals will find it a colourful and easy-to-read guide to cybercrime – and how to protect themselves from it – while businesses will find valuable context to support cyber risk management initiatives. A thoroughly informative and enjoyable read.

Simon Rycroft, CEO, Cyber Risk Management Group

Practical and timely, this book reminds the reader that cyber fraud is still fraud and cyber extortion is still extortion. The goal remains the same but with the internet the tool is now different. The majority of cyber-attacks are initiated via email and text message and we must be aware of the rapid growth in online threats. This book provides the tools necessary to become cyber-aware - reducing your chances of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

Cavan Fabris JD LLM CIPM, Partner-Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, Deloitte Legal

It is refreshing to find a book on cybercrime that isn’t filled with technical jargon. Todd Wade writes in a language suitable for anyone with an interest finding out more but also with detail for those with professional understanding. Practical advice is provided throughout to help individuals and businesses protect against this increasing problem. Overall a fascinating book, providing real life accounts of cybercrime throughout history and an insight to future threats. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a curiosity in cyber activity and also those with a fascination for felony.

Liz Smith AMBCS, Compliance Manager, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Todd Wade does an excellent job of breaking down and discussing the most common cyber security threats to individuals and organisations. Throughout each chapter the reader is presented with a clear explanation of the what the threat is and measures that can implemented to protect against these types of attacks. This is all backed up with real-world examples that helps the reader to understand and relate to the issues being discussed. This book is a must read for everyone who values their online privacy and security.

Cliff Martin BSc CISSP GCIH GICSP CISMP CIRM F, Head of Cyber Incident Response, GRCI Law Ltd

Full of fascinating insights into the murky world of cybercrime, Todd Wade provides an indispensable introduction to criminal practices in online fraud, theft and extortion. Clear and readable, this book should be an essential reference source for small businesses, educational organisations, and parents. The author's exposure of child targeting and exploitation in cybercrime demands particular attention and reminds us that children are particularly vulnerable online.

Jim Wright, MD, Principle Defence

This book is filled with surprising historical insights into the origins of cybercrime and with practical advice to avoid falling victim to it. A comprehensive, enjoyable, and accessible read for anyone looking to learn about cybercrime.

Wassil Kacha, Head of Cybersecurity Services, EMEA, Citi

This book is very well researched and equips the reader to maximise protection of themselves and their organisations against cybercrime. The modus of operandi of the most common cybercrime attacks are exposed, along with the most effective responses for victims. This book has an easy-to-follow, non-technical format and is a must read for anyone who wants to avoid or minimise the most damaging consequences of cybercrime.

Olu Odeniyi, Cybersecurity, Information Security and Digital Transformation Advisor, Thought Leader and Speaker

This book provides an accessible route into the topic and will be a great help for people who are new to this area who need to get a speedy understanding of this critical business and social risk. When people join my team, this will be recommended reading as part of the learning and development process. For business managers, it is a fast route to understanding the risk landscape.

Stewart Room, Global Cyber Security and Data Protection Leader, DWF

Focusing on cyber fraud and extortion, Todd Wade skilfully picks apart the anatomy of these hugely impactful cybercrime themes in this book. The book highlights how the techniques used by malicious actors centuries ago are uncannily similar to those used today. We receive helpful walkthroughs of the different forms that an attack might take across real-life examples. We are also given a glimpse of what future form these cybercrime themes might take. Knowledge is crucial in cyber-defence and practical application of such knowledge is paramount to help you define your defence posture - this informative book acts as a great tool in any cyber-resilience toolbox for both novice and seasoned professionals alike.

Ester Najjuma MBCS, Information Security Product Specialist, Account Executive, CybSafe

Cybercrime is a complex and often hidden crime with incidences rising as criminals take advantage of unwitting victims. Todd Wade’s book takes readers through the most common cybercrimes, covering topics such as cyber sextortion, identity theft and impersonation in an interesting and easy-to-read format. I was particularly shocked at how far-reaching the impact of identity theft can be, often as a fault of organisations who lack adequate data protection measures. Consequences can include stress, financial losses and a reduced credit score which can take years to rectify. This book details a host of preventative measure you can take to try and protect yourself and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take steps to protect themselves and their family.

Emma Young, Information Governance Manager, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

This book is a highly practical go-to resource for anyone wanting to understand the picture of online crime in its entirety. It gives you a perfect overview of the key areas individuals and businesses should be aware of. The case studies and examples really help you grasp the concepts of some of the more complex subjects. Highly recommended.

DI Grace Hulse, Head of Cyber & Innovation, North West Cyber Resilience Centre