Getting Started with Cryptocurrency

An introduction to digital assets and blockchain

By (author) Kate R Baucherel Illustrated by Grant Wright

Publication date: 17 Apr 2024

12% of people hold crypto assets, including your clients and suppliers. How can you manage the risks and reap the benefits of this new technology?

Your clients, suppliers or employees may be among the one in eight adults worldwide who hold crypto assets. How can you ensure that crypto transactions are properly accounted for, legally and safely managed, and used to benefit your business?

This book is a gateway to the language and applications of crypto and blockchain. It guides you through the opportunities for business improvement and the risks that need to be managed for corporations and private clients, including signposts to relevant legislation, regulation and security considerations. It helps you to make sense of the distinct properties of crypto assets and understand where they can be transformational and where they really aren’t needed, for more effective strategic decision making.

Paperback - £14.99
Kate Baucherel is an emerging technology consultant specialising in blockchain and cryptocurrency. She works with clients from startup and scaleup businesses to blue chip multinationals and has held senior technical and financial roles in sectors including utilities, construction, manufacturing, leisure and software, leading several enterprises through start-up and growth phases. She teaches Masters courses in fintech, blockchain, and digital transformation at Teesside University. Kate graduated in business from Newcastle University and is a CIMA Fellow. She speaks at conferences around the world and appears regularly on the BBC. Her books include Blockchain Hurricane (BEP/Harvard 2020) and the SimCavalier cybercrime thrillers.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780176451

112 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The language of crypto Chapter 3: Who’s using crypto? Chapter 4: The keys to a digital world Chapter 5: Staying legal Chapter 6: Death and Taxes Chapter 7: Crypto under the hood Chapter 8: An eye on the future