BCS Publishing - Subscription

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Why use a subscription?

  • Text to speech in over 30 languages
  • Offline and Online
  • View on up to 2 devices (with a new phone/desktop swap feature)
  • Any updates free and automatic (to current editions)
  • Additional title exclusive discounts
  • Our best bundle discounts
  • Most cost-effective content option from BCS Publishing
  • Exclusive offers and discounts
  • Additional benefits coming soon


3 different platforms


Gain access to one book, a collection, or the entire portfolio

For a Team, Department, or the entire Organisation

Up to 90% discount against physical books and eBooks for enterprise licences

 Automatic staff access options with integration into Intranet, by organisational email (whitelist), IP Address etc

Contact: Charles.rumball@BCS.uk for pricing and options.

Academic Libraries

Integrate the platform with our API technology to have our books appear in your own content library

Contact: Charles.rumball@BCS.uk for pricing and options.

Training & Academic delivery providers

Have our content within your own LMS (Learning Management Solution) with our integrated technology

Instant access within your solution, reduced administration requirements and automated invoice processes. (eliminates ordering)

Manage access to delegates instantly

Contact: Charles.rumball@BCS.uk for pricing and options.