A Practical Guide to IT Law

By (author) Nikki Cordell, Sam De Silva, Sara Ellacott, Victoria Hordern, Stewart James, Andrew Katz, Andy Lucas, Jennifer Pierce, Stuart Smith Edited by Jeremy Holt, Jeremy Newton

Publication date: 17 Dec 2020

This comprehensive guide for management professionals discusses the IT-related legal issues faced by businesses on a daily basis. Legal concepts and terminology are notoriously difficult for non-specialists, but this book explains in plain English the relevant legal frameworks and gives examples from actual cases. New material in this edition include chapters on GDPR, cyber security, cloud computing contracts and Agile.
Jeremy Holt is the former head of the Computer Law Group of Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors. Jeremy Newton is a director at Technology Law Alliance in London, a law firm specialising in IT, outsourcing and e-commerce law.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780174884

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780174907

256 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1. IT Contracts
  2. Cloud Computing
  3. Cloud Computing Contracts 
  4. Intellectual Property Law for Computer Users
  5. Cyber Security 
  6. GDPR and Data Protection
  7. Data Protection in Practice 
  8. IT in the workplace - Protecting the employer
  9. Avoiding Employment Problems 
  10. Open Source Software
  11. Agile
  12. Setting Up Joint Ventures
  13. Resolving Disputes             

'A tour de force in taking readers through complex IT law issues in clear, easy to understand fashion. From IT contracts to IP and data protection law, this book is bang up to date with the latest changes in one of the most fast moving fields.'

Susan Singleton
IT Lawyer, Singletons Solicitors

'An engaging book, equally accessible to those from an IT, legal or business background… brings to life by application what might sometimes be dry areas. I learnt from it, and the learning was enjoyable.'

Professor Angela Devereux
Director of Professional Practice, Hillary Rodham School of Law at Swansea University

'The Swiss Army knife of IT Law, this is like having 13 separate essential guides in one book, each independent but linked to the core topic of IT Law and how to interpret and navigate it, giving you common sense advice and approaches for everyday use. An essential part of anyone’s bookshelf.'

Peregrine R Perrott
Global Head of Commercial, Compliance and Regulatory, Faria Education Group

'A handy book for CISOs, legal professionals with no technology background, CIOs, and others who need to be aware of the legal, technology, and cybersecurity intersections.'

Wessam Maher
Chief Information Security and Risk Officer, The American University in Cairo

'As a member of a university in-house legal team I know this book will be well-thumbed in no time. The pace of digital change makes practical help of precisely this kind essential to our sanity in a busy generalist in-house practice.'

Joanna Rainbow
In-house counsel, York University, Toronto

'This insightful book cuts across the jargon and legalese and presents the essential information needed to gain a basic understanding of IT Law in key areas.'

Freelance DPO and Head of Legal, Omnigov Limited