Solution Architecture Foundations

By (author) Mark Lovatt

Publication date: 09 Aug 2021

This authoritative and practical introduction to solution architecture is suitable for new entrants to the field but also of benefit to experienced professionals wishing to consolidate their knowledge and skills. Tools and techniques are presented in the context of a framework and life cycle, taking a problem or idea through logical steps to design a holistic, evidence-based solution. There is a focus on collaboration with the business as well as with disciplines such as enterprise architecture.
Mark Lovatt is Deputy Chief Examiner for Solution Development for BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT and Director of Mark Lovatt Associates, specialist services in Enterprise, Data and Solution Architecture. He is also a Java and web development trainer for StayAhead Training Ltd and a software development lecturer for AssistKD.

Dimensions: 244x170mm

Print ISBN-13: 9781780175652

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780175676

270 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

  1. Introduction to Solution Architecture
  2. Solution Architecture in the Context of Business and Enterprise Architecture
  3. A Framework for Solution Architecture
  4. Inputs to Solution Architecture
  5. Gap Analysis
  6. Stakeholder Interaction
  7. Solution Technology Definition
  8. Implementation 
This book is an enjoyable and refreshing read, offering readers a comprehensive and contextual introduction to the discipline of solution architecture. As organisations are reimagining traditional business models, adopting agile ways of working and accelerating digital transformation agendas, this book highlights the importance of communication and collaboration throughout a solution architecture lifecycle including the voice of the customer and ongoing stakeholder interactions. This book provides a complementary framework for solution architecture that refreshingly re-enforces that ‘…unlike a strict methodology where activities are mandated, a framework is meant to be a guide, not a driver or constraint.'

Chris Banks MBCS CITP, Director, Workplace Fusion Ltd

This book provides a good overview of Solution Architecture Process and its alignment with Enterprise Architecture,

Sachin Bansal, Enterprise / Lead Solution Architect, IBM Services, UK
*Note - Opinions expressed here are purely personal in individual capacity and do not reflect any endorsement by IBM or any other current/former employers

I recommend this book for those who want to grow their careers in Solution Architecture and for those considering related career roles. Complementing knowledge in specific technologies, this book can enable readers to grow from techniques and ways of thinking that can be applied for varying projects, delivery environments, and stakeholders. With a highly accessible style it will appeal to people with a range of backgrounds or career experiences.

Mike Broomhead FBCS CITP

At last, a comprehensive study of a complex and often misunderstood subject. In addition to clarifying many aspects of Solution Architecture, the author has added personal insights based on his many years of experience. I particularly liked the sections where Solution Architecture is put into context with Business Architecture and other enterprise wide strategic domains. An excellent and enlightening book for all those interested in the topic of Solution Architecture.

Paul Turner FBCS, BCS Author and Examiner

'The book provides a good, clear, readable introduction to Solution Architecture. The topics are logically presented so that there is progressive style with concepts being illustrated through use of examples drawn from a realistic case study. There are also a good number of activities that the reader can work through. Reference is made to standards and methodologies without becoming fixated on them. It was very enjoyable and easy to read.'

Dr Quentin Vaughan, Managing Client Partner, IBM Global Business Services