Driving Data Projects

A comprehensive guide

By (author) Christine Haskell

Publication date: 26 Feb 2024

Digital transformation and data projects are not new and yet, for many, they are a challenge. Driving Data Projects is a compelling guide that empowers data teams and professionals to navigate the complexities of data projects, fostering a more data-informed culture within their organizations.

With practical insights and step-by-step methodologies, this guide provides a clear path how to drive data projects effectively in any organization, regardless of its sector or maturity level whilst also demonstrating how to overcome the overwhelming feelings of where to start and how to not lose momentum. This book offers the keys to identifying opportunities for driving data projects and how to overcome challenges to drive successful data initiatives.

Driving Data Projects is highly practical and provides reflections, worksheets, checklists, activities, and tools making it accessible to students new to driving data projects and culture change. This book is also a must-have guide for data teams and professionals committed to unleashing the transformative power of data in their organizations.

Christine Haskell has over 25 years in data management and operations roles spanning all aspects of the data lifecycle. Her social science background informs practical, engaging solutions at the intersection of learning, experience, and culture to help individuals, teams, and organizations meet progressive goals, with intention. She blends expertise in data management, adult learning, and solution management in Fortune 100 companies, across multiple sectors. Christine teaches graduate courses on management and innovation, data-driven problem solving, business intelligence, data governance, project management, and information science. Her prior publications focus on leadership development.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780176239

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780176253

368 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT


1. Data Foundations

2. Digital transformation 101

3. Scope the project

4. Determine resources

5. Manage the work

6. Tune the change


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Driving Data Projects is the invaluable resource I wish I had when beginning my career. This comprehensive guide outlines the essential steps and roles crucial for executing a successful data program. The clarity of its explanations, alongside illustrative charts, makes it a must-read for any data professional.
Kaitlyn Halamuda CDMP, Sr. Manager, Master Data Management, Salesforce

Making sense of data is a skill required of all leaders today. This book provides a toolkit that can help leaders understand how to better connect data to decision-making.
Joseph Taylor PhD, Chair, Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics, California State University

Christine has a long history of successfully implementing data strategies in all size of organisation. In this book, she condensed her tried and tested processes into an accessible, replicable, and readable book.
Andy Cotgreave, Senior Data Evangelist, Tableau

Driving Data Projects is a roadmap that guides you through the intricacies of data-driven culture, ensuring that your organisation not only survives but thrives in the data-driven era. Highly recommended for those who seek to lead with data, innovate with purpose, and transform their organisations.
Dileepa Prabhakar MBA, Senior Manager of Engineering, T-Mobile

Driving Data Projects is a comprehensive guide that provides a practical methodology, covering the full cycle of required activities to deliver projects centred on or including, a data element. The work rightly emphasises, that data lies alongside people, processes and technology when managing projects and provides practical tools to underpin the related professional practice.
John Burns Information LL.M CEng MBCS, Security Risk Analyst 

Data is alive and with their dynamic nature have great potential to lead us to really informed decisions. This book is a comprehensive roadmap from inception to execution of data-driven initiatives.
Professor Raimondo Fanale, R&D Manager, Intuisco LTD

Driving Data Projects delivers a must-read handbook for every business and IT leader trying to create a data-driven culture across their organisation. By skilfully taking the topic beyond the realm of IT, this book provides a practical perspective of the human side of data, transforming it from a technology initiative into a strategic business priority.
Pedro Arellano, Technology CEO and Founder, Data and Analytics Leader

Christine's book, long overdue, expertly bridges the gap from learning data best practices to implementing them in organisations. It explains data work as both art and science, providing practical insights to shift from IT-driven projects to enterprise imperatives. The book emphasizes "data as a service," crucial for organisational success. Beyond data projects, it delves into overall project excellence, from visioning to closure, stakeholder involvement, resistance management, and constructive acknowledgment.
Kelle O'Neal, CEO and Founder, First San Francisco Partners

So much discussion these days on data culture, strategy, and leadership. Important stuff. But let’s not forget to actually do the work, which is where Haskell’s Driving Data Projects comes in.
Thomas C. Redman PhD, "the Data Doc," Data Quality Solutions

Practical, useful, realistic. If you want straight talk on what is needed to have a successful data project, go no further. But don’t let the title fool you – every IT project includes data and most overlook or minimize the data aspects.  What is offered here should be part of every IT project. Ignore it at your own risk.
Danette McGilvray, President and Principal, Granite Falls Consulting Inc

Driving Data Projects comprehensive and fully detailed guidance with questions and examples makes it a must-have for any data team.
Marilu Lopez, CEO, SEGDA and Author of Data Strategies for Data Governance

Many business creatives are challenged by numbers and using data to drive their projects. Christine has hacked the code for those who need to understand and utilize data in their work, but don't naturally understand the connection and power of numbers. If you are just starting out in your career or are new to the data landscape, this book will make the connection for you, setting you apart as a valuable team player and allow you to hit the ball out of the park on project after project!
Debra McCarver, Section Instructor, Carson College of Business