Getting Started with Cryptocurrency

An introduction to digital assets and blockchain

By (author) Kate R Baucherel Illustrated by Grant Wright

Publication date: 17 Apr 2024

12% of people hold crypto assets, including your clients and suppliers. How can you manage the risks and reap the benefits of this new technology?

Your clients, suppliers or employees may be among the one in eight adults worldwide who hold crypto assets. How can you ensure that crypto transactions are properly accounted for, legally and safely managed, and used to benefit your business?

This book is a gateway to the language and applications of crypto and blockchain. It guides you through the opportunities for business improvement and the risks that need to be managed for corporations and private clients, including signposts to relevant legislation, regulation and security considerations. It helps you to make sense of the distinct properties of crypto assets and understand where they can be transformational and where they really aren’t needed, for more effective strategic decision making.

Kate Baucherel BA(Hons) FCMA CGMA is a speaker, author and emerging technology consultant specialising in blockchain and crypto assets. She has held senior technical, financial and advisory roles in businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors. She lectures at Teesside University, delivers professional CPD, and occasionally appears on the BBC.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780176451

Ebook ISBN-13: 9781780176475

130 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: The language of crypto Chapter 3: Who’s using crypto? Chapter 4: The keys to a digital world Chapter 5: Staying legal Chapter 6: Death and Taxes Chapter 7: Crypto under the hood Chapter 8: An eye on the future

Having recently read the book I found it to be very insightful. The book provided me with both theoretical and practical knowledge about the technology, and I believe it would be beneficial to a diverse range of audiences, including those in computer science, business, accountancy, and economics.
Dr Andrew Bingham, Dean, Teesside University International Business School

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency is an excellent primer which uses clear and accessible language to explain many of the key concepts behind cryptocurrency and blockchain. Providing answers to all of the most frequently asked questions about these technologies, author Kate Baucherel delves into where cryptocurrency came from as well as providing insights into how it is being used in the real world now and hints at what a tokenised future may look like. An invaluable resource.
Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked

This beginner-friendly book is an exhilarating read; demystifies digital assets, whilst offering clear insights and practical tips for a seamless entry into the crypto universe. Highly recommended.
Chikezie Ekeanyanwu FRSA FRAI, Chair, BCS FINSIG

This book helps demystify the complexities of cryptocurrencies, and Kate skilfully navigates the reader through both the dazzling allure and the intricate subtleties of cryptocurrencies, crafting a narrative that captivates both seasoned insiders and curious newcomers alike. Even as a veteran in the crypto world, I found new insights and knowledge within its pages.
Genevieve Leveille, CEO and Founder, AgriLedger

An excellent primer for business leaders looking to innovate and engage new customers. This book sheds light on the role of digital assets and crypto infrastructure in the digital economy. Baucherel does more for mainstreaming crypto with this book than all the NFT projects ever launched. This comprehensive take on crypto, from fundamentals to future-shock, offers a solid roadmap for innovators interested in blockchain for growth.
Fiona Delaney, Blockchain Strategic Lead, and Founder, Origin Chain Networks

An impressive read. Well structured, clear and easy to read. A must for experienced traders as well as someone buying their very first cryptocurrency. I will be buying copies for my employees to make sure that they all have a firm grasp of the subject matter!
Antony Abell, CEO & Founder of the TPX™ Property Exchanges

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency is a must-have book for early explorers and seasoned professionals alike. The author covers a broad range of complex and rapidly evolving topics in a well-ordered and approachable manner, with clear takeaways to help newcomers avoid pitfalls. This is not written for the get-rich-quick crowd, but for those who have been turned off by the tech speak and others who want to get up to date with the state of the art. I can easily recommend this book to anyone interested in this field.
Dr Robert M. Learney, Head of Distributed Systems, Digital Catapult

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency is a gem in the crypto literature landscape. As a pioneer in the field, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the wealth of knowledge it offered, even to someone well-versed in the space. This book's clear and concise writing style makes it accessible to both newbies and seasoned veterans alike. It's become a staple on my bookshelf, and I'll be gifting copies to family and friends eager for advice and understanding. Consider the solution found!
Morten Rongaard, Co-Konungr Viking, PixelPai

This is a clear, compelling and important book, a navigation manual for our digital future.

James Bowater, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Digital Commonwealth