Getting Started with web3 and NFTs

An introduction to virtual goods and tokenisation

By (author) Michael Litman Illustrated by Grant Wright

Publication date: 06 Aug 2024

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, NFTs offer a novel way to represent, authenticate and own unique digital assets providing new commerce opportunities for brands. Professionals within education and corporations face the need to understand the landscape, how to operate within it and what the best practice is that they should follow and educate others in doing so.

Getting Started with web3 and NFTs addresses the challenge of navigating the rapidly emerging and evolving landscape of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their impact on brands, consumers and society at large. This book explores the potential of NFTs to reshape these industries, the culture that has been created around the web3 and NFT ecosystem, while helping to provide new and curious consumers with some tips on how best to stay safe.

This book is the definitive guide to understanding NFTs, offering insights and guidance for both individuals, educators and brands who are affected by this transformative technology.

  • Outlines how readers can make informed and responsible decisions with regard to NFTs
  • Builds understanding on how to safely explore NFTs, and understand the basics, no previous knowledge is required
  • Identifies how NFTs may impact the workplace, and how provides an understanding of the implications both for themselves, their business, their employees or students as well as what the risks are in interacting. 
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Michael is the first Senior Director of Web3 and Innovation at Media.Monks. He is a collector, connector, and NFT advisor. Recently awarded ‘Tech Pioneer’ by BIMA 100 in 2023. With 15 years of experience in digital communications, he's worked in PR, advertising, consulting, and founded a venture-backed tech startup. Michael thrives at the intersection of brands, tech, culture, and commerce, immersing himself in emerging trends. Figuring out the NFT’s and BTC’s from the WTF’s and LOLs. As a globally recognized brand strategist, he lives and breathes innovation, emerging tech & web3 educating and inspiring both internally and externally with clients.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780176499

112 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Chapter 1: What are NFTs and their significance in the digital world Chapter 2: The historical evolution of NFTs and their impact on various industries Chapter 3: What are NFT marketplaces, their role and the process of buying, selling, and trading NFTs Chapter 4: The importance of digital ownership including provenance and authenticity - how it started out in the art world Chapter 5: The diverse applications of NFTs beyond art Chapter 6: NFTs as culture, identity, status, and 'the new flex' Chapter 7: The leaders in the space Chapter 8: Safety, security, and wallets Chapter 9: Blockchains and their different uses Chapter 10: Future outlook