The Visual Agile Coach Playbook

Power-up communication, increase engagement, deliver value and have fun!

By (author) Olina Glindevi, Ben Walder

Publication date: 17 Jul 2024

The Visual Agile Coach Playbook combines the power of visuals with the agile growth mindset to provide effective ideas and solutions for improved communication, engagement and delivery of value in a fun and motivating package! A picture is worth a thousand words. As complexity and rapid change surround us ever more completely, visuals and their ability to communicate quickly and effectively are an increasingly important business tool. 

The Visual Agile Coach Playbook is perfect for enthusiasts of progressive working, whether leading change or leading teams. Blending proven models and new ideas with immersive tools and templates. Vibrant, visual and unique, The Visual Agile Coach Playbook will

help you:

• Communicate clearly

• Reduce complexity

• Problem solve 

• Teamwork effectively

• Think creatively

• Deliver value

Open up The Visual Agile Coach Playbook and start your own Visual Agile Coaching journey, learning how to utilise the power of visuals to supercharge your ways of working.

Paperback - £34.99
With over 25 years’ experience as a change and transformation professional, co-founder of The Visual Agile Coach, Ben Walder, has a strong track record in Financial Services and FinTech. Starting out in project management and progressing through programme management to Head of Change, Ben always seeks to make a positive difference for all involved in delivering change. Passionate about helping people unleash their creative and communicative potential using visuals as a collaborative tool, Olina Glindevi is a qualified Agile practitioner with experience in Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer roles. As Co-Founder of The Visual Agile Coach, Olina combines her dedication to Agile with her creative qualities, speaking at international conferences and delivering training to help people explore using visuals in their own Agile practices.

Print ISBN-13: 9781780176611

272 pages

Imprint: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT